September 10, 2013


My internet connection was disabled last Sunday. I thought it was internal error from the ISP as always, but it was actually because my mother forgot to pay the monthly bill -_-
Anywayyyyy I finally got a new phone!! Yayyy~~~ thanks mom!
Since I have limited internet on my phone, so I only downloaded some essential apps last Sunday. When finally the internet connection was connected again, I downloaded some more apps. I haven’t downloaded bunch of camera apps like ones on my iphone though…. since I’m not really into taking pictures right now but to show something off~
I actually wanted the pink one, but it’s still not available here ;___; so I just bought the white one instead
with a pink case of course!!! I wanted the soft pink one but it was kinda like violet so I just bought the hot pink one….
I was thinking for the flip cover from samsung but it’s not cute and I don’t really like it although I like the pink colored one….

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