September 26, 2013

Online Shopping

I shopped online last month and the goods were supposed to arrive three weeks ago but there’s some problem so it just arrived yesterday. I got it from the receptionist downstair today after I come back from campus. I thought it’d take a few more days till it arrive but it didn’t!
Here’s the items that I bought~
I bought a lot of stuffs. Bracelets, rings, earrings, a watch, and a temporary tattoo lol.
 I was really looking forward to the watch. I thought the strap is made of cloth-based strap but it’s somehow more like plastic+cloth…I don’t know what it is…… and my favorites are……….
The bracelet was the last item I put to my purchase because I found it the last, but it’s really cute and I love it so much! I’m actually not into batman but since I watched kento when he was is LV and he buy batman comic book, I somehow just love the batman logo lol. It’s a bat, beautifully dark and cool LOL.
I wanna buy more accessories and watches but I’m quite broke right now so I guess I have to save my money for months till I can buy more stuffs……

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