September 29, 2013

Miss World

I watched miss world on the tv for about 6 hours on the TV. The final show then continued with the coronation gala dinner. Even my dog watched it too! and he watched it seriously -_-
I was glad that Miss Indonesia got into Top 10. Too bad that she didn’t get into the top 5 though….
I wanted to blog about some things but I forget what I wanted to write…. I often think of topics that I wanna blog about when I can’t sleep but I tend to forget them after I was asleep -_-
There were some people who objected the miss world 2013 to be held here. The stupid close minded muslims, as always. They just object all things that aren’t related with islam thingy. Why don’t they think about the advantages to the country and put aside their ego? I just don’t like those people who are so into their belief that they don’t respect others. Even there’s this subdistrict head or whatever the name it, objected by them and they wanna her to give her position up just because her belief is different than most of the people on that district. Really? You guys are better to be ruled by a person with same belief but more stupid or less reliable or whatever than her? No wonder that this country isn’t a developed country yet….

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