September 22, 2013

Me Recently

I actually recorded a video for the vlog challenge that I haven’t continued since two weeks ago…or three. But the camera app stupidly crash and I was too lazy to do it all over again -_-
I finally am updating my ipad (my mom’s actually) to iOS 7. Well since I don’t really use the ipad and it hasn’t been jailbroken ever I think it’s ok to keep it “pure” forever. I read a few articles on gizmodo and I see pictures of the apps running on iOS 7, they’re indeed like windows 8 now -_- And I still won’t update my iphone to iOS 7. I didn’t even update to iOS 6. Yes, I’m still using iOS 5, jailbroken, powerful enough though it’s super laggy now and my home button isn’t working at all althought I’ve somewhat hacked it a little. So glad I jailbroke it so I can still use the pinch drag and anything else that i set there. If the touchscreen won’t work as well….. I’ll just say goodbye to my iphone perhaps -_-
I haven’t used the windows 8 on my laptop for quite some time, because the mouse is somewhat too sensitive rather than when I use the os x. Oh I just remembered there’s new updates yesterday or 2 days ago…. I’m updating it now then….

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