September 25, 2013


I was craving for martabak since my mother bought martabak mini which tasted good but not delicious enough. I think since I’ve eaten the most delicious martabak so no martabak can be more delicious than that martabak. It’s like the best burger in new york episode in How I Met Your Mother lol. 
Aaaaaand all of sudden my mom bought the martabak that I was craving 2 days ago after meeting with her friends in that area. My mom bought the toblerone - banana martabak which actually would be really good if there’s no banana on it as I don’t like “cooked” banana. I like banana but only as a fruit. I wish my mother bought the nutella martabak though but she said nutella is too mainstream so she bought the toblerone instead…. but no other martabak could beat the god level of tastiness of this martabak indeed LOL

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