September 17, 2013

L’oreal Natural Black Hair Dye

I just realized that I haven’t written about I dyed my hair black a while ago for the play, yet I’ve written about I bleached my hair after I dye my hair black lol.
So I dyed my hair black using L’oreal Natural Black.
These were what the kit contained…. the dye, the developer, serum, and conditioner.
This was my hair before I dyed it black. The black roots were pretty visible already since I hadn’t dyed it since June.
Aaaand here’s after I dyed it black….. I forgot to photograph it from the side and the top -_- and I took this one from the front camera so………….
The black was jet black and not natural at all and I looked like an emo girl and my hair look so fake -_- The only thing I liked was my hair wasn’t brassy anymore -_- I didn’t spread the dye well enough and some parts of my hair were still brassy -_-
The jet black slowly faded away as I washed it though. Then I really wanted to dye it back to light color the day after the event but I didn’t say I wanna bleach it so the hair salons didn’t really wanna dye my hair -_- and they said they have to bleach my hair at least twice and make me scared because they were afraid it’d really damage my hair. The professional said I have to wait my hair till it grow to all virgin hair again and I have to wash my hair a lot of times. Then I googled how to fade the black away and it’s said using dish soap, detergent, head and shoulders, treseme, and many other unbelievable things but I stupidly tried the dish soap and detergent methods and head and shoulders and treseme and the dish soap worked the best fading the black away -_-
I actually had planned to dye my hair black since early August, for the character I played on the play, then just bleach the black away and dye it blonde, and take care of my hair more often so it wouldn’t be so damaged.
I did bleach my hair twice at the end after I remember the will I made that early August -_- 

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