September 17, 2013

Jakarta Culinary Passport

I was actually so tired yesterday but there’s this food festival at GI which was called Jakarta Culinary Passport - All Across The Foodniverse and yesterday was the last day so I went there with my mom.
The entrance fee was 10k and I got this passport which actually was for collecting stamps for a prize but it was the last day so it’s not really used anymore since the winner was announced already like an hour before I visit the food fest.
I also got stamped on my hand!
There area was divided into 4 sections, Westland, Eastland, Homeland, and Lollyland. Westland area was filled with western food booths, the only one that I remember is Sombrero because I went to the restaurant not so long ago. The Eastland was filled with eastern food, indian, japanese, and I don’t really remember about it because both eastland and westland weren’t so tempting as I could find those kind of food in malls. The Homeland area was filled with Indonesian food, but when I visited it, most of them were sold out and closed already. The area that I really liked was the Lollyland because it’s full of dessert which most of them I’ve never eaten at all. There were turkish ice cream, puddings, jar cakes, bottled puddings, frozen cheese cake, oat and barleys something, crodos, pancakes, and such.
I didn’t buy them all, here’s what I bought~
It’s mini croissant donuts from crodos! They were delicious, somewhat like croissant but soft.
These are puddings from Milky Way Pudding
It’s green tea flavoured with some caramel on it and since the pudding was quite soft so it’s drinkable!
and it’s deliciousssssss!! and their booth was so cute as well XD
I also bought this ice cream sandwich or whatever the name was.
We got to choose either cookies or waffles, and I chose cookies, red velvet and green tea cookies. I wanted to try the confetti cookie but somehow I ended up with the red velvet cookie lol. The ice cream was green tea flavored one of course! I do love green tea XD
Then this one is Puyo Dessert and somehow quite happening right now among Indonesian users of IG and Path so I was wondering of what this was and I though it was bean curds but it’s actually a “silky” pudding but I think it’s not silky enough though -_- I think this one’s the most popular one in that food fest because it’s often sold out and the people queueing was sooooo loooooong.
However the taste was incredible!!!! I ate the taro flavoured one today and It’s super delicious and super yummy!!!!!!!!
and my mom bought this from the eastland which I forget the name of the booth…. I ate the wagyu asparagus one and it’s pretty good actually but I was so full because I just had dinner so I didn’t really enjoy it -_-

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