September 4, 2013


I’m so tired!!! It’s midnight already and I just wanna sleep. The event is tomorrow, but we had the general rehearsal yesterday instead. Because the place won’t be available today so we had to do the GR yesterday.
I went to the campus a little bit late because I went to the mall to buy something for the dance. I will also do dance, other than the play. I realized that I forgot to bring my high school skirt for one of the costumes for the play so I went back to the apartment. Then I went to the campus.
Then since we went to the place where the event will be held by motorcycles and my car, so the girls were riding the car since it was quite cloudy. It was already raining a little when I was at the mall.
Then we started rehearsing the play. The first one wasn’t so good. So we did the whole play again. The second one was better though. Although some parts were still re-acted again. Yeah, one of them was my part -_- I hope I won’t mess it up tomorrow!
Then we rehearsed the dance. I danced for the opening, along with 3 other girls. Then this is the pic of the boys part….
I’ve seen this dance for countless times but they still seemed funny lol.
There was also other activists there and they did the technical meeting while we were rehearsing the dance. After we finished the rehearsal, we joined the meeting. Then because the place was only lent by the owner till 9pm, so the meeting will be continued this morning.
aaaaaand now I’m going to sleep since I have to wake up quite early today. The topic for vlog day 4 is tour of your room and it’s too late to do it, so I’ll just do it probably on Friday. Since today I will go to the campus and have several other places that I have to go, and tomorrow I will off to campus super early in the morning and go to the venue for the event together with the others and it’ll finish at night or midnight I guess….

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