September 23, 2013

First Year Second Year

It’s midnight and I’m still awake and it’s actually ok though not so ok as I’ll be starting my second year of college today. Since my class will start at 1:20pm today so I don’t really rush to bed now. Actually I want to write earlier but I’m too busy deleting a lot of things on my iphone so it won’t be so laggy as I’ve bulked it with tons of messages, pictures, songs, videos, apps, for more than 2 years. I just installed a tweak to delete all text message and now the touchscreen isn’t working -_- crap! Then I hit it with my hand and the home button is working again after not working for a few days -_- wtf……
I wasn’t serious at all during my first year of college. Not even during the exams. I wanna be serious starting this year and do my best but somehow I just know that I’ll be lazy as always and I won’t try my best again -_- I really need to get higher grades though……. else I won’t be able to find a job -_- 
Sadly I was more serious on the student org things and now I’m already tired of it. I don’t really hate the org actully…I think. But I hate the people especially those who were involved on the play. 
Thanks to the org I got to know some of the professors outside the classes and they were actually nice. I kinda got motivated to study when one of my former professor told me that he’ll help me re-study his class that I failed. 
I study in the field that I’ve always wanted. But it’s actually too hard for me, perhaps if I studied more I wouldn’t have too much difficulties on it. But the only thing I wanna study is about networking and I still haven’t got that class yet because of the stupid system of my uni that we can’t choose our classes. I’m the type who’ll passionately learn about what I’m interested in. If I’m not interested in the subjects, I won’t study it at all at home, and I’d just play with my phone for a whole class for a whole semester, and that’s why I failed all of the programming and logic related classes last year -_- I’m somehow so not interested in programming but I keep getting these classes. I’ll even have more programming classes this year -_- If the programming is related to the networking thingy wouldn’t be so boring for me but it’s about making those programs that’s soooo boring -_-
Perhaps I chose the wrong major, perhaps I was confused because of its name. Now I think I know what I major I actually should be in -_- That’s why I don’t get a lot of networking -_-

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