September 23, 2013

First Day~!

I went to campus quite often during my supposed-to-be-summer-holiday and it’s not as crowded as during school days. Today when I went to the campus, the traffic jam was pretty bad, and the campus itself was so crowded that I think I hadn’t seen that many people in the campus for quite a long time.
I wanted to be a good student in class for this semester so I tried my best during the first class though I talk with my friends sometimes so I wouldn’t be sleepy. The professor was someone I knew from one of my professor’s wedding. I didn’t think that she’d be my professor for this semester lol. The class was about interaction between human and computer, I think I’ll be making a website on this class.
The second class was advanced object oriented programming which was super boring. I didn’t pay attention at all. I talked with my friends and play whatever on my phone. I mostly spent my time doodling on my friend’s book. We were told to make a group consist of 5 people and starting next week each group has to bring at least 3 laptops. I wish I could be more serious on this lesson, but programming is…..just not my thing -_-
The last class for today was English class. It’s super boring although the way the professor talked wasn’t boring. But the lesson itself is just way too boring. I think there’ll be bunches of work for this class -_- 
I arrived at home at around 7:30pm and I was hungry as I’d only eaten a bread in the campus and as I woke up super late I didn’t have time to eat breakfast which I actually didn’t plan to. I arrived at campus right on the time of the class started so I didn’t have lunch either.

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