September 13, 2013

Eat and Eat and Eat

So I went to Sency with the girls yesterday. It was okay. I arrived at around 3:20pm to PS to meet T then we go to Sency. I was hungry so we went to Burger King to have late lunch. I ordered “Rendang” burger for the first time. It’s a special menu here and only available for a limited time. It was delicious! But it seem the size of the burger was quite small compared to other burger? or perhaps it’s just me because I ate big mac several times a few weeks ago…. I told her about the event while I was eating. Actually that’s the reason we hung out yesterday, because I was too lazy to type it all on the phone. But I didn’t tell C and R though since they didn’t ask~
Then we went to Swatch to see watches. The employee approached us and tell us to try the watches, and it’s okay to not buy it LOL.
Then we went to infinite while waiting for R and C to come. I saw the pink hard case for macbook pro but it’s so expensive -_- I wish they’d sell it less than IDR100k -_- I also wanted the pink keyboard cover….but they only had the black and transparent ones there. Then I also saw a very cool speaker there. I and T was wondering where to connect the ipod and it turned out that it was a wireless speaker LOL. 
After R and C arrived, we go to wendy’s. Since it was T’s birthday last Monday, so she paid the meal for us! yay~! lol. C ordered a kids meal so we got a drawing set + stickers
T put a sticker on my hand in a very noticeable place so I move it to my finger and make a ring from it lol
Then we were wandering around as we had nowhere to go. We went to Best Denki and I saw the sony TX30 camera that I want!!! But I have the S4 right now so I don’t want it as much as before….
And finally we ended up in a thai restaurant. We shared the food again. The fried rice that C ordered was super hot so spicy even though it was delicious -_-
Then we took pictures as T already had to go home. I seriously wonder why my right eye look so different with the left one…..I wish my bangs is longer!!!!

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