September 26, 2013

Crazy Fried Rice

I went to the campus yesterday but I went back home straight after I arrive without even going to the class. So it’s the class in auditorium which where 90% students keep talking or doing something unrelated to the lesson since the beginning till the end of the class. It’s really hard for me to seriously study in that situation. I actually wanted to attend the class yesterday and i wanna try studying in that situation. I asked my friend to keep a seat for me but not in the front rows but she did. i could actually just sit alone at the back but sitting alone is too much in that crowd I don’t wanna feel I don’t have any friends at all and it kinda make me upset so I just went home.
Then I downloaded all the ppt files of all lessons and I wish to study but I haven’t till now -_- After finishing the downloads I got sleepy because I sleep late last night and wake up early in the morning so I fell asleep till the afternoon. I just keep procrastinating since then. I spent my time mostly reading and watching the TV, mostly about tech news, news, and gossips. 
I had this for my dinner yesterday. It’s nasi goreng gila aka crazy fried rice lol it sounds funny in english. It’s called crazy because the taste is super hot so we could go crazy while eating it. However this one’s not as hot as I expected and not so delicious so I only eat half of it.
I have morning class again today but I’m not sleepy yet. The class will be calculus II with the same professor from the calculus I which I hate very much because he thinks we are smart and genius people just because we’re in a “smart” class which actually only a class with students who are able to study in English. There’s other class which indeed is full of genius everyone GPA is almost 4 or 4. Because of him, more than half of the students in my class failed calculus I -_- 

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