September 22, 2013

Brem Cake

Look at what I found yesterday!!!! Brem Bali!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy~! One of my most favorite snacks ever! 
I found it at Lottemart Gandaria City. I went to Gancy yesterday and then after having super juicy delicious soft steak I went to the supermarket and I found Brem Bali there!! I bought 4 of different flavours, original, chocolate, orange, and strawberry. It’s been quite a long time since the last time I ate it despite it’s one of my favourite snacks! I’d never ever found this in Jakarta before that’s why I’ve always asked my friends who go to Bali to buy them for me lol. The price was slightly more expensive than buying in Bali. The original one was IDR 13.400 and the flavoured ones were IDR 13.500. They’re less than 10k in Bali. The funny thing is, my colleague who is Balinese didn’t know about this till I told him. It’s more a tourist souvenir I guess…. since it’s also only available at souvenirs shop…. I’ve tried all the flavours I bought before but the strawberry. My favourite is the original one.
I’ve eaten 1/3 of the orange ones and half of the chocolate ones lol~
This one’s the orange one…. Sadly I didn’t really taste the orange out of it. The one that I ate quite a long time ago still had the orange flavour on it… So it’s only somewhat sweet.
This one’s the chocolate one. The sweetness is different with the original one. It still got the taste of chocolate, while the original one is pure sweet but not that sweet that would make you nausea(?). 
I’ve also eaten the Madiun and other version of brem from the Java areas. But the brem cake from Bali is the one I like best! The Javanese versions are more sour and none of my friends would eat it. I don’t know if they’ve eaten the Balinese version or not because it’s not sour at all although it’s fermented as well! 
The first time I ate Brem cake was because my mom bought it for me from Bali. I’ve never eaten brem before although my father really likes it. I though I wouldn’t like it but I like it so much! lol. Why do I like it? Because it’s sweet and it melts in my mouth which taste so heavenly and incredible lol. If I had to choose between a Lindtt or Hershey chocolates or Brem Bali, Brem Bali it is! 

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