September 29, 2013

Boring Sunday

Today is so boring. I even studied because I’ve really had nothing to do -_- It’s just so amazing for me.
I watched a few episodes of the big bang theory. I’m not really a fan of it though.
I wanna talk to my friends but I’m afraid that I’ll bother them.
I wanna blog but I don’t know what to write about. I do actually, too lazy to write them though because it’ll be a looooong post.
I listened to the music though I didn’t really want to. Somehow there’s no music that suits my life lately.
I wanna watch JMK but I don’t understand anything so I’m kinda lazy to do it.
This post is so boring I’ll just insert a pic instead.
This is a pic when I was in Sea World last Friday…..
I kinda like this feature of galaxy s4. I could took pictures using both front and back cameras at the same time.
There’s also a funny one because the pic was swimming pretty fast above me and I had to get the camera to focus on the fish. But I didn’t get the picture of the fish in the end and my head was looking up to the fish and it turned out weird -_-
My friends laughed at me because my head’s direction followed the fish and I want to smile at the same time for the pic.

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