September 10, 2013


Finally my hair isn’t black anymore!!! I was quite frustrated because when I went to hair salons last Friday, they were all telling me that my black dyed hair couldn’t be re-dye which I’ve known ever since before I dyed my hair black but I somehow just forgot about it because of those professionals tell me blah blah blah blah blah. Before I dyed my hair black, I already decided that if I did dye my hair black, then it means that I have to bleach my hair to strip that black off my hair, because black dye can’t be re-dye with any color, it just won’t show because of the black. Then it also means I have to give extra care to my hair with this and that because I’d bleach my hair. But somehow I just forgot all of these last Friday, I didn’t say I wanna bleach my hair but I wanna dye my hair instead -_- those people told me to not bleach my hair because it’d damage my hair, so I finally didn’t do it last Friday. Then I just remembered those, later at night, so I decided to just go the hair salon downstairs on the apartment. However, I also washed my hair with various things that are said they could fade the black away on my hair, based on the internet. So when I bleach it, it wouldn’t be too hard.
I finally went there yesterday on the afternoon and after talking and talking and talking, my hair was bleached. This was before my hair hair was bleached, still black enough…..
bleach~ bleach~ bleach~
And here’s the result of the first bleach!
It’s quite orange…. I wasn’t sure to bleach it again or not but the color of toner or whatever (not that normal hair dye) was still not able to be used if my hair was only this light…… so I decided to bleach it again. I didn’t really care about the damage to my hair since I’d just deep condition it everytime I wash… but IT’S EXPENSIVE!!!!!!
more bleach……
and the result of the second bleach…….
It’s so orange!!!!! I thought it’d be yellow….but it’s still orange -_- and the color that I want still wasn’t able to be used on my hair ;_; so I just told the hairdresser to use the lightest as possible -_- I wanted the very light blonde color….but I ended up with blonde only….a little darker that blonde I guess… but it has green tone so it would get that super orange away from my hair.
However, the hairdresser told me that the color will get lighter after I wash it twice or 3 times…… so I guess my hair will be lighter next week… I can’t wait!!! And here’s my hair right now!!

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