September 28, 2013

After Sea World

We went to PIK as well yesterday to have late lunch/early dinner because most of us hadn’t eaten at all and we were in Sea World for almost three hours.
We went to Hakata Ikkousha to eat ramen. I ordered the spicy pork ramen but the taste wasn’t spicy enough for me.
I like the Ikkudo Ichi’s ramen better though because the flavor of the soup is stronger than Hakata Ikkousha’s one.
I was full after a bowl of ramen, but some of my friends were still hungry so they ordered a plate of chicken katsu curry rice -_-
Then we went to Dessert Company to have dessert. I ordered the chocolate melt because my friend said it’s really delicious. But it’s not that delicious actually……
We also took a group pic there….

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