September 24, 2013

Ace Hardware Haul

Soooooo I went to Gancy again but with T this time and Ace Hardware was having sale for a week and today’s the last day. I’ve wanted to buy scented candles for quite some time and I finally bought them today!!
The yankee candles haul~
I really love the summer scoop, it smells like strawberry ice cream. The lemon lavender smells good as well, the lemon’s not too strong like the other lemon one. The turqouise sky is just somehow good lol. T bought me the heart shaped serving dishes so I have place to could burn the candles lol. Thank you, T!
After I got home, I just know that the lemon lavender and the turqoise sky are tarts wax melt so they need to be melted by potpourri warmer as they don’t have the wick. So I went to Ace Hardware again in the mall beside my apartment since it’s the last day of the sale and tomorrow the price will be back to the normal price.
Sooo I bought the warmer which I like since I saw it in Gancy~ it’s orange or apple I don’t know shaped and cute lol.
Aaaaaand I found the candle that I’ve always wanted for a very looooong time since the first time I saw it in Ace Hardware, the Creamy Vanilla Swirl by Candle-Lite. Although the discount was only 10% but I’ve always wanted it and it’s 50% cheaper than Yankee Candle sooooo I bought the biggest jar available lol.
The vanilla is sweet and not too strong so it’s really gooooood! I’ve never asked my mom to buy it for me though because I don’t really need it. But my mom’s been meditating for months now and she always lit her scented candle when meditating and the smell was still on the room after she finished the meditation and it’s good and relaxing so I want one as well since I’m stressed easily lol. 
I also bought a laptop cushion in Gancy Ace Hardware. I wanted to buy this a few months ago but I didn’t because I only found the cheap one online yet I don’t really find a design that I like. I finally saw this in Ace Hardware today and I liked the design and the colors as well so I bought it although it’s not the cheapest available lol.
The top part is a flat hard surface a d the bottom part is the red cushion. There’s also Paris version of this but the design wasn’t really good. Perhaps because it’s Paris so the designer wanted to make it “artsy” but the result isn’t so “artsy” at all….and the color…….I didn’t like it.

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