September 11, 2013


I slept quite late yesterday because I was reading the live blog of that apple thingy. Sooooo finally the 5S and 5C have been officially announced with some features blah blah blah.
The iOS 7 will be released on 17th or 18th (I forget) and I still don’t find it “wow” enough as I’ve already experienced those features for quite a long time (thanks to jailbreak thingy). Like the parallax background, and like that transparent notification center (mine is even hello kitty background with only 20% or 30% opacity and it’s super cute!) with those buttons for flashlight, turning on/off wifi, airplane mode, packet data, bright and volume adjustment, and such. As for the camera things like live filter and such, I don’t really use my iphone to take pics anymore since I have S4 now lol. 
I like the gold colored iphone 5s. I think it’s the only thing that I like from the 5s. Even with that touch ID and double flash(?)….the camera is perhaps good because of that larger pixels or whatever that they mentioned last night. It’s said somewhat like that htc one’s ultra pixel camera or whatever. And up to 23 or 28mpx for panorama pics? I think I’ve only taken panorama pics once or twice in my life -_- The 5s camera is sitll 8mpx though but with that better pixels thingy and warm and cool flash and I think also the zoom thingy as well. And iwork, imovie, iphoto? I rarely use it on my macbook but to transfer pics from my iphone, I don’t think I need it on my phone. I had those apps actually, but I didn’t even use it so I delete it -_- and I definitely won’t spend 39usd which will be about 400k idr for an iphone case unless it’s sexy zone or hey say jump official goodies lol. And that A7 seems fast…….I don’t really understand about it though…..but I think it’ll be slow in the next 5 years….perhaps. and that M7 thing… is it like the s health on samsung? because it’s specially made for that health apps and such? and I think it also makes the battery last longer? idk i don’t care -_- it’s ok as long as I have a power bank with me -_- I hope the iphone 6 will be muuuuuuch better and will have lots of surprises compared to tha 5s. Then I probably will buy that iphone 6…since it’s 6…hyde’s favorite number LOL.
Then the 5c….I thought the C stands for “cheap” because they kept saying “affordable” or “budget” iphone and that leaked pictures show the the iphone made from plastic which look so cheap at first. But I think it actually stands for colorful…. iphone 5colorful… 4s was 4siri… 5s…idk. I’m quite disappointed with the pink color one though. SInce I love pink and I really wanted to buy the pink galaxy s4, that pink of 5c has too much red on it -_- I think it’ll be much better if it’s soft pink or hot pink. I love the blue one though. The blue color is very niceeeeeeeeee! I don’t really remember the specs… I think it’s not much different with 5s. But I still remember my reaction when I saw the case for 5c which have lots of holes on it. I was like “meh……wtf…..horrible enough for a case”. I’m glad that my iphone case is a pink glittery one and it’s fabulous lol.

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