September 20, 2013

5 years ago

I’m watching TV and laruku 20th anniversary concert on my laptop. Really…… why is hyde’s face not aging at all?????????? is he using botox??? but his face doesn’t look stiff -_-
but the tv right now is really interesting right now so I’m pausing the concert lol. 
I was really into laruku during my junior high school time and I was in the fandom as well on fb. I knew many other fans from other countries there but I’ve lost contact with all of them now as I’m not so into laruku anymore. I sometimes check on them though. I was quite close with a few of them. One of them made the fanpages of laruku and the members on fb. I don’t really remember about it but I think I saw the screenshot of her fb homepage and those fanpages on the left side…? Idk I don’t really remember…. so they’re not really official….. I don’t know about it now though perhaps the laruku staff has taken over it… So there’s a mysterious account on fb and often talked on the group or fanpage (I forget) and I grew close to her and we talked quite much in that group or fanpage and others can see hers and those who were my friends could see mine and she said she’s one of the staff (not the fanpage manager though, it’s really not official) but really it’s a cyber world everyone can say whoever they want…buttttt…(more on that later, feeling like Ted in himym again lol). Let’s say she’s A. Then I got a friend request from a fan as well and I think she added me because she was curious of my conversation to the staff, and let’s say she’s B. Then we became quite close, the three of us, and one other, lol. It was during the time of vamps tour, A moved to vamps staff or something because laruku wasn’t really active at that time. B was going to watch one of the concerts in the US and A knew about this so A asked for B’s help for something because B was more accessible to do something because of something which I forget. Then at the day of the concert, while B was waiting on the line to get to the venue or something I forget again, this is like more than 5 years ago, but it’s during that waiting period, the B was approached by the staff and she got a merchandise or something as a thank you gift for helping B and the other fans who were waiting as well were curious and asked her about it because she was approached by the staff. I kinda stopped talking to B because she’s somewhat a b because there’s a time when I chatted with other fan from Indonesia as well, one person that I really hate even till now because she’s really a bitch, so she was talking about A this and that and they were all bad, I told B about this and I didn’t tell A about this because I didn’t wanna hurt her feelings but apparently B told about it to A and….yeah… A was hurt and I don’t really remember the rest of the story…… So the point of me telling these old stories is…… I don’t know… I’ve never really told anyone about this since anyone could be lying on the net and we don’t really know whether they’re lying or not but I still believe all of them were always saying the truth till now…

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