September 29, 2013

Best slap

Revenge of the slap!!!!!

Boring Sunday

Today is so boring. I even studied because I’ve really had nothing to do -_- It’s just so amazing for me.
I watched a few episodes of the big bang theory. I’m not really a fan of it though.
I wanna talk to my friends but I’m afraid that I’ll bother them.
I wanna blog but I don’t know what to write about. I do actually, too lazy to write them though because it’ll be a looooong post.
I listened to the music though I didn’t really want to. Somehow there’s no music that suits my life lately.
I wanna watch JMK but I don’t understand anything so I’m kinda lazy to do it.
This post is so boring I’ll just insert a pic instead.
This is a pic when I was in Sea World last Friday…..
I kinda like this feature of galaxy s4. I could took pictures using both front and back cameras at the same time.
There’s also a funny one because the pic was swimming pretty fast above me and I had to get the camera to focus on the fish. But I didn’t get the picture of the fish in the end and my head was looking up to the fish and it turned out weird -_-
My friends laughed at me because my head’s direction followed the fish and I want to smile at the same time for the pic.

Miss World

I watched miss world on the tv for about 6 hours on the TV. The final show then continued with the coronation gala dinner. Even my dog watched it too! and he watched it seriously -_-
I was glad that Miss Indonesia got into Top 10. Too bad that she didn’t get into the top 5 though….
I wanted to blog about some things but I forget what I wanted to write…. I often think of topics that I wanna blog about when I can’t sleep but I tend to forget them after I was asleep -_-
There were some people who objected the miss world 2013 to be held here. The stupid close minded muslims, as always. They just object all things that aren’t related with islam thingy. Why don’t they think about the advantages to the country and put aside their ego? I just don’t like those people who are so into their belief that they don’t respect others. Even there’s this subdistrict head or whatever the name it, objected by them and they wanna her to give her position up just because her belief is different than most of the people on that district. Really? You guys are better to be ruled by a person with same belief but more stupid or less reliable or whatever than her? No wonder that this country isn’t a developed country yet….

September 28, 2013

A letter to Barney

Dear Barney,
How could you fall for Robin? I thought you’re a womanizer…. and she’s Canadian! I thought you hate Canada…..
The Wonder-er
P.S. You and Robin makes a great couple anyway!

After Sea World

We went to PIK as well yesterday to have late lunch/early dinner because most of us hadn’t eaten at all and we were in Sea World for almost three hours.
We went to Hakata Ikkousha to eat ramen. I ordered the spicy pork ramen but the taste wasn’t spicy enough for me.
I like the Ikkudo Ichi’s ramen better though because the flavor of the soup is stronger than Hakata Ikkousha’s one.
I was full after a bowl of ramen, but some of my friends were still hungry so they ordered a plate of chicken katsu curry rice -_-
Then we went to Dessert Company to have dessert. I ordered the chocolate melt because my friend said it’s really delicious. But it’s not that delicious actually……
We also took a group pic there….

Sea World

I went to Sea World yesterday with my classmates. We we planning this since last Tuesday during the entrepreneurship class lol. It’s because E somehow wanted to go to Sea World to see fish so we just decided to go there on Thursday but A couldn’t so we went on Friday instead. But D couldn’t join us on Friday because he had a meeting on the afternoon. The funny thing is K didn’t know that we were going to Sea World because when we told him, he was half asleep during the class lol. And because R had to go home with K so he was brought to the Sea World as well lol. K and R kinda didn’t wanna go to Sea World but E, A, and I insisted to go there so we went there at the end lol.
We arrived at around 12pm. We did nothing but see the fish lol. There were so many fish, the very big fish and very little fish.
We took a pic in front of the first tank but the result is dark……
Then we took a pic once again using the flash but the result looks like a super fake photoshopped photo -_-
There’s also a piranha tank there and I think it’s the first time I saw it. I used a feature on my phone so I could take pics using both back and front cameras at the same time but the front camera couldn’t catch the light enough so I asked my other friend to use his camera flash on his phone to light us lol.
We could touch some fish directly on the touch pool but I didn’t brave enough to touch some sharks and stingrays and starfish. But I touched the sea turtle which was kinda freaky as well because of its weird texture -_- I also fed the sea turtles as well during their feeding time though. This pic’s when my friend pick the starfish up…..
Then we went to the tunnel under the biggest tank there. There’s soooooo many fish in that tank and most of them were very big. And they actually appeared 30% smaller than their actual size because of the thick glass. So they must be really really big o.O
A very big stingray……..
with a super friendly face lol
Then we watched the sharks feeding time. The audiences sat in front of the tank and it took a while till the feeder finally got into the tank so i took a pic with A first lol.
and finally…….!
There were also tanks made up from car and telephone booth which were so unique.
There’s also this scary freaky spooky crab spider or something I forget the name -_-
There’s also a tank filled with cute little fish though~
but there’s also a tank filled with mega sized fish which I don’t know what fish are those….
There’s also a tank named ex-quarium. I don’t know why though.
We also watched the dugong feeding time….

September 27, 2013

Pet Alliance

I was downloading RO 2 and it was one more hour so I decided to wait although and play Pet Alliance on my phone though it’s midnight already and I have morning class AGAIN. It’s now finished but I’m still playing the Pet Alliance now. It’s cute and somewhat challenging and addicting I can’t stop playing this lol.

September 26, 2013


I can’t believe that I just studied on my own….. I didn’t pay any attention in Advanced Object Oriented Programming class two days ago and I kinda feel guilty to myself because I told myself that I have to study seriously starting this semester so I kinda wanted to study it. But I downloaded a new game and after it finish downloading I tried to play it and I couldn’t stop for an hour -_- I’ve finished the AOOP but I also wanted to study the Program Design Methodology because I skip the class yesterday and I didn’t pay attention to calculus as well today -_- I did take a little note though lol
Calculus is so boring, even the bear on the book told me to stop taking notes lol
Even someone has already fallen asleep LOL


I bought Smarties last Saturday in Lotte Mart!
I rarely found smarties these days. I used to eat this a lot when I was a kid. 
I forgot the taste of smarties because I hadn’t eaten it for quite a long time. I was kinda surprised because it’s not as sweet as I thought. I still love the colors though.

Day 16- Favorite “mother” moment

When Ted went in front of her apartment and talk to her door telling it Ted and her will meet in couple more days and they’d be dating blah blah blah.


Cardigan: Morgan
Top: Zara
Shorts: Cupcake Design

Online Shopping

I shopped online last month and the goods were supposed to arrive three weeks ago but there’s some problem so it just arrived yesterday. I got it from the receptionist downstair today after I come back from campus. I thought it’d take a few more days till it arrive but it didn’t!
Here’s the items that I bought~
I bought a lot of stuffs. Bracelets, rings, earrings, a watch, and a temporary tattoo lol.
 I was really looking forward to the watch. I thought the strap is made of cloth-based strap but it’s somehow more like plastic+cloth…I don’t know what it is…… and my favorites are……….
The bracelet was the last item I put to my purchase because I found it the last, but it’s really cute and I love it so much! I’m actually not into batman but since I watched kento when he was is LV and he buy batman comic book, I somehow just love the batman logo lol. It’s a bat, beautifully dark and cool LOL.
I wanna buy more accessories and watches but I’m quite broke right now so I guess I have to save my money for months till I can buy more stuffs……

Crazy Fried Rice

I went to the campus yesterday but I went back home straight after I arrive without even going to the class. So it’s the class in auditorium which where 90% students keep talking or doing something unrelated to the lesson since the beginning till the end of the class. It’s really hard for me to seriously study in that situation. I actually wanted to attend the class yesterday and i wanna try studying in that situation. I asked my friend to keep a seat for me but not in the front rows but she did. i could actually just sit alone at the back but sitting alone is too much in that crowd I don’t wanna feel I don’t have any friends at all and it kinda make me upset so I just went home.
Then I downloaded all the ppt files of all lessons and I wish to study but I haven’t till now -_- After finishing the downloads I got sleepy because I sleep late last night and wake up early in the morning so I fell asleep till the afternoon. I just keep procrastinating since then. I spent my time mostly reading and watching the TV, mostly about tech news, news, and gossips. 
I had this for my dinner yesterday. It’s nasi goreng gila aka crazy fried rice lol it sounds funny in english. It’s called crazy because the taste is super hot so we could go crazy while eating it. However this one’s not as hot as I expected and not so delicious so I only eat half of it.
I have morning class again today but I’m not sleepy yet. The class will be calculus II with the same professor from the calculus I which I hate very much because he thinks we are smart and genius people just because we’re in a “smart” class which actually only a class with students who are able to study in English. There’s other class which indeed is full of genius everyone GPA is almost 4 or 4. Because of him, more than half of the students in my class failed calculus I -_- 

Photo Wonder

I downloaded Photo Wonder last week and I’ve quite enjoyed using the app because it’s wonderful lol. It can make they eyes bigger, brighter skin, thinner face/body/whatever, and have the effect to make the boobs look bigger LOL I’ve never used this one though. It also has many cute decorations and frame and such and it’s cute and funny and wonderful. I love the app! I did some editing yesterday and it turned out lol LOL.
I downloaded Photo Wonder last week and I’ve quite enjoyed using the app because it’s wonderful lol. It can make they eyes bigger, brighter skin, thinner face/body/whatever, and have the effect to make the boobs look bigger LOL I’ve never used this one though. It also has many cute decorations and frame and such and it’s cute and funny and wonderful. I love the app! I did some editing yesterday and it turned out lol LOL.

September 25, 2013

Creamy Vanilla Swirl

I lighted the creamy vanilla swirl today and holy sweet it’s sooooo sweet I love it LOL. But the scent didn’t last as long as the yankee candle, and the scent’s also gone after I blew it out. Then I re-lighted it and the wick was actually kinda scary that the fire was somewhat like throwing a super mini fireball to the left and right -_- So glad that it’s a big jar so it didn’t burn anything but the candle -_-


I went to Gancy yesterday, and the H&M banners were everywhere from the mega banner to the small ones.
So finally H&M is coming to Indonesia and Gancy has the first store of it. It’ll open in October 5th. I saw the employees of the store were already busy preparing the stuffs and most of the clothes were already displayed inside the store though it can’t be seen from outside. But it’s actually could be seen from the upper floor lol.
I love fall/winter collection because they have more “cool” image than spring/summer collection. I don’t buy clothes much these days though.


I was craving for martabak since my mother bought martabak mini which tasted good but not delicious enough. I think since I’ve eaten the most delicious martabak so no martabak can be more delicious than that martabak. It’s like the best burger in new york episode in How I Met Your Mother lol. 
Aaaaaand all of sudden my mom bought the martabak that I was craving 2 days ago after meeting with her friends in that area. My mom bought the toblerone - banana martabak which actually would be really good if there’s no banana on it as I don’t like “cooked” banana. I like banana but only as a fruit. I wish my mother bought the nutella martabak though but she said nutella is too mainstream so she bought the toblerone instead…. but no other martabak could beat the god level of tastiness of this martabak indeed LOL

September 24, 2013

Ace Hardware Haul

Soooooo I went to Gancy again but with T this time and Ace Hardware was having sale for a week and today’s the last day. I’ve wanted to buy scented candles for quite some time and I finally bought them today!!
The yankee candles haul~
I really love the summer scoop, it smells like strawberry ice cream. The lemon lavender smells good as well, the lemon’s not too strong like the other lemon one. The turqouise sky is just somehow good lol. T bought me the heart shaped serving dishes so I have place to could burn the candles lol. Thank you, T!
After I got home, I just know that the lemon lavender and the turqoise sky are tarts wax melt so they need to be melted by potpourri warmer as they don’t have the wick. So I went to Ace Hardware again in the mall beside my apartment since it’s the last day of the sale and tomorrow the price will be back to the normal price.
Sooo I bought the warmer which I like since I saw it in Gancy~ it’s orange or apple I don’t know shaped and cute lol.
Aaaaaand I found the candle that I’ve always wanted for a very looooong time since the first time I saw it in Ace Hardware, the Creamy Vanilla Swirl by Candle-Lite. Although the discount was only 10% but I’ve always wanted it and it’s 50% cheaper than Yankee Candle sooooo I bought the biggest jar available lol.
The vanilla is sweet and not too strong so it’s really gooooood! I’ve never asked my mom to buy it for me though because I don’t really need it. But my mom’s been meditating for months now and she always lit her scented candle when meditating and the smell was still on the room after she finished the meditation and it’s good and relaxing so I want one as well since I’m stressed easily lol. 
I also bought a laptop cushion in Gancy Ace Hardware. I wanted to buy this a few months ago but I didn’t because I only found the cheap one online yet I don’t really find a design that I like. I finally saw this in Ace Hardware today and I liked the design and the colors as well so I bought it although it’s not the cheapest available lol.
The top part is a flat hard surface a d the bottom part is the red cushion. There’s also Paris version of this but the design wasn’t really good. Perhaps because it’s Paris so the designer wanted to make it “artsy” but the result isn’t so “artsy” at all….and the color…….I didn’t like it.