August 26, 2013

Wish Me Luck

So I just found out that there’s this J-Pop Culture program from Japan Embassy, it’s like an exchange program. The requirements were actually not hard to meet, but the deadline was yesterday and I just knew about it when I visited the embassy’s web when I was looking for events in Jakarta yesterday night. The J-Pop Culture program is divided to three categories, Anime, Fashion, and Entertainment. I wasn’t interested for anime, then I read the fashion one. As I’m kinda into fashion right now, not so much though, but I was interested on it. Especially knowing I’ll be able to visit Harajuku and obviously Takeshita Dori~ But then I read the entertainment section. It said there we’ll visit the entertainment agency there like Avex, Johnny’s, AKB48, and such, and I was completely amazed. Wow. Wooooowww. Really???? I was so completely interested to apply especially knowing we’ll be able to visit those companies. It’s like, we’ll be able to know their works or something perhaps. The behind the production or something idk. But I’m really interested, because it’s organization and work thingy, which I actually like, though I hate my current job. Knowing what the professionals do is just what I’m always interested in lol. Especially I’ll also get the chance to visit Johnny’s Jimusho. Really??? Hontou ni?????? Isn’t it like a super secret area or something?? well idk lol. I thought the form was to be filled on soft copy but it needed signature so I printed it. While waiting for the printing, I did the 2 minutes video about my huge passion about the Japanese entertainment. I retook quite a lot of times. Then I thought there wouldn’t be enough time so I just chose the one that I did not so successfully because I was only like fangirling in that video and upload it to youtube. Then I re-wrote all of the answers, and the super long one about why I’m interested in J-Pop culture although there’s only a little space for it but I wrote it on extra paper and it turned out to be one and a half A4 paper long. Then I scanned it. Then I sent the forms, video, and my scanned student ID card. However the clock has stroke midnight and it’s 26 already but it just 20 something minutes away so I just sent it so I hope they’ll still accept and consider it. I just realized that I forgot to put the picture not so long ago. So I re-sent it this super early morning which is right now. I really hope they’ll forgive me and consider my application -_- Then I about the program on google a while ago and there’s quite lots of videos came out, but I think the previous program were more about the Japanese culture and heritage and such. There were also videos for the program as well from other people an I watched them and I think mine is totally different with theirs. What I wanted to present on my video is my huge passion on the entertainment because it’s what they asked, and I didn’t wanna just say something like bullshits or such that’s a total crap but I wanna show them of how I’m totally into the japanese entertainment. Well… something like that, I don’t know how to explain this -_- and most of them spoke English or Japanese on their videos, meanwhile….I…..spoke in Bahasa……..I don’t know what language to speak so I just spoke in Bahasa because the article on the embassy is in Bahasa -_- Although the form was in English so I automatically answered the questions in English lol. Haaaaa but seeing the other videos really makes me go down because they’re totally good and like really prepare for it. Meanwhile I was on my pj with super messy background -_- I feel like I’ll fail this one though I really wanna win it because it’s like a mega chance of my life to go to Japan…..with extra knowing so much more about the entertainment. Then meeting other people from other countries and finally able to use my speaking skill which has been worsen every day -_- I’m so not confident to win this sobsobsob but I really wanna win it sobsobsobsobsob. 
And yesterday night, I posted about my super galau life in private and I don’t even wanna read it myself because it’s so sad I was even writing it in tears omg why am I so sad and so pathetic -_-

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