August 20, 2013


I really do love the music, the lyrics, and the voice and the person who sings it lol. But I’ve been really listening to it and I’m currently in love with the music, especially the piano parts. 
I’m doing nothing again at the campus today and I’ll be going home at 12pm because I have to get something for my mom which actually is at 6pm but I’m just too lazy to be at the campus today so let’s just pretend so. 
I remember what I wanna talk about yesterday. So I was watching random videos 2 days ago on youtube and one of the videos was about two girls going to JE shop in takeshita dori and one of them was yamapi’s fan and as they were still on the street they saw a pic of yamapi in front of a shop which is posted in that particular shop and they went to fangirl mode and the officer of that shop approched them and talk to them and he explained to them that it was yamapi when he’s 18 or something and he was there during his school trip with his girlfriend and they were like wow he had a gf and the officer was like yes yes blah blah blah and I think maybe the girl who liked yamapi felt her heart was throbbed with a knife or sword or something because even though she was still kinda excited replying the officer who was talking to them but the tone or the atmosphere of her voice or something idk changed lol idk perhaps it could only be felt by a fangirl who is really into idols like me lol or perhaps it’s just me thinking like that but I was even kinda shock when the officer said that because it could seriously break a fan’s heart lol but who knows if the officer’s lying or not but I think it’s odd if the je boys aren’t dating at all especially if they’re still young although the company’s policy doesn’t allow them to date till certain age which I forget but wouldn’t it be odd if they don’t date? They’re at that phase unless they’re gay or something or simply a person who obeys all rules but as teenagers, don’t they have the tendency to break rules just like other teenagers do? But they only have to do it in much more clever way just like us when cheating on exams so we won’t get caught lol. So when I see them really into their cells all the time when they aren’t filmed or don’t realized being filmed I usually think they’re dating someone lol. Perhaps it’s just me being a smartyass.

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