August 7, 2013

Sushi Tei

Last Sunday, the day I got to eat any food I want, I didn’t know what to have for dinner. Then I asked my friends about what I should eat, then I asked one of my friend what she craved for then she said salmon belly. So I went to sushi tei to have salmon belly and to show it off to her.
I was kinda shock because the queue was sooooo long, longer than usual. There were about 20 people/groups waiting only to eat there. I waited for quite a long time then I finally got in and when I ordered the salmon belly they said it’s sold out OMG!!!!! I was sooooooo dissapointed as I failed to show it off to my friend :( So I just got my favourite which I forget the name from the sushi bar, here it is….
Then I ate one that I’d never eaten before….
It’s….umm…..err……something like tofu skin or something idk bean skin idk……filled with tuna and rice… It’s delicious though… the skin was sweet and I like it!
Then I had my other favourite, salmon mentai sushi!
I was there for less than 30 min… then I went to a bookstore to buy kobo chan comics because they were discounted till August 18….

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