August 15, 2013


One of my colleagues went to Bali for holiday and she bought pie susu (milk pie) for us as omiyage~ okay…souvenirs…
I’m just soooo into the love kenty song writer which is himself right now which makes me like to use some random japanese words -_- I even said hontou ni………………..hontou ni……….??? It’s really been quite a long time since I feel this way~~~~ which really makes me like almost happy and have a meaning to live LOL I wasn’t so into johnnys anymore till like two weeks ago for months and I was quite lost with myself…. I think there’s seriously something wrong with myself….. I even gave up on my dreams…I think I still am giving up on my dreams…. I just don’t know what are my dreams anymore….. It seems I’m not capable enough to achieve them…. and what should I do with my life now…. I don’t know….. If I’m not so into kento and sexy zone and still quite a bit to hsj right now perhaps I’ll be in bad mood for days and be bored all the time….
Anyway this post is supposed to be about the snacks I’ve eaten lately but I just wrote down about something else lol.
So, I bought these a few days ago
I think it’s the first time I saw this…. I usually buy the one looks like french fries… I think this one doesn’t taste like a fried chicken at all lol. Not like mcd’s….
I also bought a lot of jetz. I actually didn’t really like the taste at first… but as I ate it more and more then it becomes addicting LOL so I bought 5 of them… the cheese flavour isn’t like other cheese….you know….

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