August 14, 2013

Soy Sauce

I was really sleepy yesterday that I even went to bed at 9pm or something though I didn’t sleep right away. I slept at 10pm or 11pm which is early for me as on normal workday I sleep at 1am or 2am. However I woke up like every 1 or 2 hours last night and I’m still wondering why. I have to keep waking up like that with no reason. Luckily I didn’t experience this during my one week holiday though it would be better as I still could sleep all day during the holiday and now I have to go to campus every morning 6 days a week.
My mom suddenly went home today though she’s supposed to go home 2 more weeks from her vacation. So I also went home early today to clean the apt which had been very messy here and there.
I’d been somehow craving for curry so I bought curry flavoured instant noodle a few days ago.
However it didn’t taste I was expected when I ate it today, and I kinda wonder why were crab sticks there when it’s said that the flavour is chicken curry…..
Since it wasn’t that delicious so I decided to canned add soy sauced sardines, and it turned out to be much more delicious than the noodle -_-
I’ll definitely but that canned sardines again!

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