August 17, 2013

Salmon Belly

As I mentioned a few days ago, I went to sushi tei. When I went to sushi tei before the last time, I wanted to order salmon belly but it was out of stock. A few days ago, I finally had it! lol~
After this was served to my table, I sent the picture of it immediately to T LOL. However, it’s not as delicious as I thought……
I also had these~
I also had the sushi that I always eat whenever I go to sushi tei so I didn’t take the picture of it.
The good news was my favourite dessert from sushi tei which is matcha monaka is finally back after being fone for a few years! I ordered it but sadly it was out of stock -_- So I ordered matcha tsubuan instead, but it was out of stock as well -____- So I bought a cup of ice cream from cold stone…..
It’s green tea ice cream with graham pie crust. Soooo yummyyyyy~!

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