August 31, 2013

Not So a Memorable Day

I didn’t do much yesterday. I went to the campus for the practice as usual. It’s only one week left before the event!! I can’t wait for it to be over so I can have my holiday at last -_- I’m actually the person in charge for the play like the props, the actors and actresses, the costumes, and such, but I guess I’m the one who hates this play and practice the most and I think I haven’t done much as the PIC. Soooooo well it’s kinda your fault taking over almost my entire holiday -_- I even have never ever hung out with them after the practice. I’d much rather spend my time at home with my dog or hang out with my friends or just going to the mall alone.
I finally did the vlog challenge! It turned out pretty bad though since the way I spoke was not understandable lol. A few grammar mistakes, lots of pronunciation mistakes I guess. I’ve recorded for the second day as well, I guess I’ll post it later.
I sent something to my friend 3 days ago and my friend finally got it yesterday. Yay! I was kinda disappointed with the reaction at first because I hope of moreeeeee reaction but my friend isn’t that kind of person so whatevs. I’m happy though if my gift was received happily.

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