August 23, 2013

My Lovely Dog

My relationship with my dog isn’t really good right now. It seems he doesn’t trust me anymore. When I held him high like a baby, he was so anxious and wanted to bite me to release him. He didn’t act like this months ago. He only gave me the look to put him down when I did that thing. He’s suddenly been staying under the coach most of time. He didn’t even greet me happily whenever I got home like he used to. I think he’s anxious or something or mad at me because I have to leave him for a long time in a day. Well, I have to go to the campus early in the morning and I get home in the evening. One of the reasons I like to get home early and just ditch the practice because I know I have to spend more time with my dog. And when I get home, I’m usually very tired. I don’t play with my dog as often as I used to, and when I play with him, it’s in shorter amount of time. Poor my dog ;_; I am sad because my dog doesn’t really trust me anymore, and I’m trying my best to re-bond with him.

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