August 15, 2013

My Day

I’m so sleepy today!!! I woke up at 6:30am but I went back to sleep till around 7am lol, as always~ The road is sooooo not crowded this week and I love it since it takes time much lesser to go to the campus and I always have time to relax in my car and listen to sexy zone and hey say jump until 9am, but I usually listen to their songs as well in the class while waiting for the others. Then I arrived back at home at around 5pm and my mom wanted to eat at sushi tei so we agreed to have dinner there. While waiting for my mom taking shower I fell asleep -_- Then she woke me up when she was ready to go meanwhile I wasn’t at all -_-
I’m kinda lack of sleep lately. Even my eyes show it. It’s super dark under my eyes -_- I actually want to sleep right now but I wanna watch shokura that I downloaded last night sooooo……. I’ve been thinking, should I get enough sleep but feel so not happy because I don’t have time to watch my idols or should I feel uber happy because I watch my idols but I don’t have enough sleep and feel sleepy all day…? Idk…
My mom is going back to bangkok tomorrow morning… I don’t even know why she went home yesterday and now she’s going back there tomorrow…. I want to ask but I don’t really wanna hear the answer if it’s about her relationship, it’s hers, her life, and I don’t wanna disturb her, unless she tells me on her own……. So I won’t ask~

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