August 7, 2013

Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick

I wonder….why am I so lazy to write new posts lately…. There’s quite a lot of things I wanna tell about but I’m too lazy to write it down….
I bought a new lipstick (again)!
The colour is more natural than the one I bought before this one, it’s Maybelline Watershine Pure series. It’s said that it won’t make our lips dry or it moisturizes or such I don’t really know and I don’t really care about it (yet) lol.
The name of the colour is Pure Pink Beige. Last week one’s Pink Me Up. I actually wanted to buy this kind of colour at first but I just didn’t know since it was the first time for me buying a lipstick lol. I prefer this kind of nude shade. 
wth I accidently pressed enter and it’s posted. Ok so I’m editing this.
I’m kinda in love with lipstick lol. I also wanted to buy the bold matte one with code mat 7 but it’s sold out everywhere -_-
I was googling about it a while ago and I found an even cuter product which is Dior Lip Glow but it’s expensive but I don’t know how much it is here but I think it is expensive as well here but I really want it but I kinda have to save my money but I really really want it but I’m writing a lot of buts but it has a really pretty pink colour but it’s not a lipstick but a lip glow but I reallyyyyy want it but it’s not a lip balm or lip gloss either but I don’t know actually lol. I think I’ll buy it in the future….

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