August 25, 2013

Marriette’s House

I had a very important “meeting” yesterday so there’s no way I wouldn’t ditch yesterday’s practice. One of my friends “A” will be studying in Italy this year and she’ll be going soon so we hung out yesterday. There’s also one of my friends “T” who just came home from the US. I just knew that they’re also planning to go to T’s house since she’s in Indo right now on monday but I surely won’t be able to join them as I can’t ditch the practice anymore and also we suddenly plan to hang out again on wednesday but I’m kinda sure this plan will be canceled as the one who asked this, “A”, just said earlier before that she also has a plan on wednesday -_-
I hadn’t hung out for quite a while because I’m shitty busy in these past months. We decided to meet at 3pm at Marriette’s House, a not-so-big-but-cute restaurant in Alsut. I was late as I go at almost 2:30pm. It usually only takes 15-30 minutes to go to alsut, but the traffic was crowded so I arrived there at almost 3:40pm. I arrived first though. Then R came a little later. So we ordered drinks first while waiting for the others. I ordered a cup of hot hazelnut flavoured chocolate.
Then A arrived. Then C arrived. Then we ordered two poutine alfreddo for the 4 of us.
Hmm… what were we talking about there….? Mostly about uni stuffs and since A’ll be going soon we asked quite a lot of questions to her about this and that which I don’t really remember. Umm…. like where she’ll be staying and such. Then T finally came. She brought us souvenirs from US. We asked her a lot of questions to her about her life there. Then she told us quite interesting story. She was asked what language does she speak in indonesia, do we have computers and e-mail here, and such. Is indonesia really that……low-tech? unpopular? bad country? lol. We also asked about her older sister who’s studied there as well but she’s already working now. I envy her. I think it’s really good to be a smart genius student and you can finish school ASAP. I think I didn’t talk much yesterday. They asked what’s going on with my uni life but I just didn’t wanna talk about it because I really hate it right now as I can’t enjoy my summer holiday at all unless I ditch the practice. They did ask what I do to go to the campus almost everyday, what I’m practicing, but I was too lazy to explain it all to them so I just said something like for the freshmen welcoming event or something. And they changed the topic back to A or T. 
Then when I went to the restroom with C……..there’s only one restroom so I went there first. Then I saw there’s like little parts on the lower part of the door showing clearly outside the restroom. I thought I couldn’t see anything at all from the outer restroom through it so I tried to see when C’s inside the restroom, and I could see her LOL.
I was laughing quite hard and she was annoyed by myself being there to see her in the restroom but I just couldn’t help it since I miss having fun with my friends. I wish I could meet them more during this holiday, but…. work sucks. Then later T wanted to go to the restroom as well so C and I accompanied her and we did the same thing I did before to C LOL
Then we took a few pictures before we went home.

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