August 24, 2013

Like Owner Like Pet

It seems my dog hates my laptop lol. Once I started typing for this post he just go back under the couch because he knows I won’t be patting him -_- Since the previous post, I’ve been reading for more than 3 hours straight then watch an episode of shokura and patting my dog then play with him. He’s back to as he used to for a while, then later on he went back under the couch and start acting “cold” again -_- My dog is somehow a lot like me! and I just realized it lol. I like to act that way too but at the campus. I can act to be a cheerful-bubbly-talkalot girl and then I also can be the cold-silent-loner-havemyownworld girl lol. Wow like owner like pet lol. But he’s never seen me like that sooooo I wonder where he learns to be like that. After having some quality time together with my dog, he doesn’t lay too far under the couch so my hand still could reach him… Hopefully we’ll get along again soon! I kinda miss how he just lay beside me to sleep and ask for attention when I’m busy with my laptop lol. 

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