August 27, 2013


I’m totally sleepy -_- Well I’m lack of sleep lately but I usually still can keep up during the day but I fell asleep way too easily while waiting for the others for the practice today. I drank that cold medicine last night yet I’m still sleepy even till now. It’s different than the sleepy feeling that I usually have. I feel like I can just fall asleep at any second right now, while my normal sleepy feeling is only that sleepy feeling yet I can’t sleep right away. I have to close my eyes for 30-60min to finally fall asleep, even though I’m sleepy. 
I even bought this long-time-no-drink Matcha Tea Latte from Chatime with pudding topping because I wanna stay late today but unfortunately I’m already sleepy right now -_-
Aaaaaaah I wonder how to be not sleepy….. I slept for about 10 hours last night but why am I so sleepy right now zzzzzzzzz

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