August 12, 2013


I watched a lot johnny’s videos, mostly were sexy zone though. I’m still in love with kento lol. 
I “kyaaaaaaaa”ed all the time he’s just soooooooo charming so adorableeeeee!!!! It’s been quite some time since I felt like that lol. Even more kyaaaaaaaa than when I was watching yamada lol.
Kento really has the prince image kyaaaaaa~❤ Well, that’s what I see….his image is the loveholic prince charming(?) LOL while I see marius is kawaii all the time, shori is the cool one(?) I’m not really sure though, sou is the cheerful boy, well that kind of boy….you know…. and fuma is the bad boy one…..
He is just soooo aaaadooooraaaableeeeeee ❤ I love you so much no wonder he’s a top idol he’s doing his job so well, great great you deserve an award lol. He’s just sooooo like a prince came out from a manga, his way of sit, walk, pose, talk, aaaaah everything~~~~❤ I wonder what’s his character in real life… if it’s a complete opposite of the prince image, would it be hard for him to be such a prince charming? Well my character in the play is somewhat the opposite of my own character….my character in the play is much more girly than I am, weak, bullied, so pitied, lol. As for my own character…..well…I’m “sometimes” girly, but it’s a different girly with the girly that character has…..that’s why I’m really trying my best playing that character….. There’s also a romance part which I’m very not good at it…. I’ve only dated once and even though I told my friends it’s because of this and that blah blah blah actually it was just out of curiosity I think I love my idols more than him in my imaginary world…..where I live happily ever after with a loooot of story that I made everytime I daydream~ aaaand since I’m sooooo in love with kento right now so the main role of the boy in my imagination is him of course LOL

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