August 19, 2013

Jet Z

It’s 3am in the morning!!! And I have to go to the campus today ughhhh why weekend is only 2 days ;___; 
I just finished ordering things on that online shop where I bought a few random items. I haven’t really ordered them this time, I’ve just put the to my cart. I think I’ll order them when the items I purchased earlier arrive. I put more than 30 items this time to my cart and it costs around 500 bucks which is actually cheap but still I don’t think I have enough money to buy them all at once…. I don’t know…. But I want them all….. I hope some of them will be sold out buy the time I’m about to buy them so I don’t have to buy them lol~ And I have to save hundreds of bucks as well to dye my hair next month…..
Anyway, I bought another JetZ. 12 of them…. HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SO FAT

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