August 22, 2013


Finally the internet connection isn’t slow anymore and I could watch bad boys j without buffering or waiting the videos to be loaded. I’ve watched till episode 6 and I’m getting sleepy now so I just downloaded the rest and I’ll watch it later at the campus while waiting the others who’ll definitely come late. Time to show my new laptop case off! Lol~
My stomach’s been hurting enough and I don’t know why… Like heartburn but I’ve been eating nonstop today….so I don’t think so. I also catch the flu ;___; I forgot to drink vitamin C yesterday and I’m sick now wtf. But my stomach is really killing me right now and I don’t know how to calm it down…… upset stomach? who knows…. I even still don’t know what upset stomach is up till now. 
I gave my dog a bath yesterday. Poor little dog lol. But he’s been sooo dusty since he got a new comfortable spot which is under the sofa that is quite unreachable by me perhaps he finally realized that he’s too old to get teased so he’s getting his own spot, but unfortunately the dust even irritates his skin omg -_- This isn’t his pic after the bath though… I took this pic a few days ago~

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