August 22, 2013


After reading an article about insecurities or something, apparently I’m an insecure person and I don’t even know what insecure means lol. 
And yes I love reading so please just don’t fucking disturb me when I’m reading on my cell/laptop/pc/ipad/magazines/whatever can’t you just see I was reading unlike you dumbass you all seriously have to read more so you can be at least smart enough not to ask why I was so quiet and you saw me I was reading something why the fuck you I couldn’t be quiet when I read should I read all of them out loud so you guys wouldn’t be such a bothersome? Seriously… it’s normal to not speak at all while reading right? Why are you guys so fucking stupid? dumbass and I’ve told you guys before like lots of time “I’m reading something” why the fuck you still asked and why the fuck I couldn’t be quiet and have a peaceful time to read?

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