August 21, 2013

Inflat Decor

My mom came home last night from Thai and I asked her to buy me a laptop case(?) which I saw when I was there last may but I didn’t buy it. 
Idk why it’s written tote bag on the packaging lol. I didn’t buy it when I was there because I wasn’t really interested in it. Then I saw high school girls in the shop as well and one of them bought it and it made me want it too but not that much at that time. Then after I’m back in Indonesia I just want it more and more -_- BTW, I kinda like the high school uniform they have there lol. When I went to the malls during weekday in the afternoon in Bangkok, there’ll be lots of students wearing their uniforms which were basically the same with each other but they put their own style on it. Sooooo cuta/adorable/idk/they aren’t really like that here…. 
It’s sooooo cute, isn’t it???? I didn’t remember that it has polkadots on it but it’s okay it’s still kawaiiiii neeeeee  However the size is too big for my laptop which is 13”, I think it’s for 15”…. but my mom said the store employee said it’s for 11”-13” well it could be put by a 11” and 13” sized laptops but it’s too big….. My other case is also for 15” that’s why I wanted another one which is for 13” so it’s not too big when I carry it…. oh well -_- It’s ok though since it’s big and it has quite extra space so I can just put the charger and some other things inside as well… 
Even though it’s not perfect because it’s too big it’s still cute and I really love the design that it’s inflatable lol. So unique huh? I can’t wait to the day I have to bring my laptop to the campus so I can show it off to my friends LOL

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