August 17, 2013


I went home early again yesterday. I couldn’t think of any reason because I’ve done this a lot of times and I’m losing excuses… So I asked my friends for the excuses. But suddenly the seniors asked me right after they arrived at the classroom whether I was going somewhere yesterday because we were gonna re-dub since there’s some changes for the play and I just said yes blah blah blah and yay I got an excuse to go home early lol. 
I watched how I met your mother till I was sleepy then went to my bedroom and finish a manga and then I sleep. Ok so I was quite confused writing the previous sentence because there’s three verbs there, I’m completely forgetting the english I learned in school -_-
I also finally killed the cockroaches yesterday. I was too scared too afraid too digusted by them. I thought there’s only 3 of them, 2 with the same species and the other one is different species. But I couldn’t find the one that has different species and just killed the 2 others but it turned out I killed 3 of them. Then I found out there’s also a smaller version of them. And I also found out there’s still one alive but I don’t have any more bug spray so I haven’t killed it yet. OMG why the fuck is there so many roaches in my apt. It’s been almost half a year I seriously wonder where do they come from and why did they start coming it was so peaceful before they come -_- I live in the 11th floor are they really climbing up that high??? My unit isn’t even close to the trash room…. 
And finally I watched shokura on the TV again yesterday. I didn’t know they changed the day for the airing… It used to be on Sunday and I haven’t watched it for months…. Kento’s hair made him look younger though not as handsome as usual LOL and singing candy in bad boys outfit is……..errrr…….okay……….

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