August 29, 2013

~Hula Hoop~

I bought a hula hoop yesterday!
So I was talking with one of my colleagues during the practice today and I showed him the fats between my waist and butt which is completely annoying whenever I see it and it’s kinda visible on one of the costume I use for the play. Then he suggested to do hula hoop so I bought one lol.
I was somehow embarrassed while bringing this thing home from the mall because it’s so big and it’s like everyone who saw it know that I’m trying to lose some fats or wanna be slimmer -_-
The interesting thing is it’s Disney Princess edition lol
I want a pink one but sadly they only have one color which is purple -_-
I couldn’t do it at all at first. It just kept falling down and hit my toes and feet super hard -_- because they hurt so bad so I put a pillow above my feet so the hoop would fall down to that pillow instead of my feet lol. I was so shock when I saw my mom could do it without the hoop falling down at all -_- Then finally I could do it but not so much as I was toooo exhausted by spinning it for quite some time trying till I could do it. I could do 10 or 20 max then I’d get super exhausted -_- My body was totally not in workout mode -_- Well… I hadn’t done workout for quite some time lol.

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