August 8, 2013

Holiday Boredom

Finally!!!! It’s happening to me!! The holiday boredom!!! When I don’t know anything to do during this super long holiday……is what I wish to say….but the truth is I’m not bored yet. I just find this super short 1 week holiday is very relaxing….and quite calming, which is good for my skin lol. I’m enjoying every second of it. I don’t really have anything to do and just lazying around though I actually have to go “celebrate” the lebaran today with my dad. Well I’m not really in any religion so whatever I don’t really care…..
Yesterday I was watching make up tutorial on youtube then I got this idea to show how I do my make up to my friend but then I made it as a game instead so it’ll be more fun for me lol. So I did the make up that my friend told me to use and such blah blah blah and the result……
Lol lol lol lol I used a false eyelash on my own for the first time lol and it’s the dolly wink that I bought in bangkok last may and it’s sooooo amazing lol. It really gave dramatic look to my eye lol as my own eyelashes are short :(
I’m still bad at doing my make up as I usually only wear compact powder and eyeliner to go to campus but I use bb cream as well lately though and I just recently started using lipstick as well because I think my lips are kinda dark but I don’t think I’ll use it to the campus though, just when I go to the mall or such. I also often forget wearing make up to the campus -_-
I was using the headband I bought a few weeks ago yesterday and I kinda like myself using it LOL so I took a pic~
Ugh my nose came out so big in this pic I hate it so much -_-

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