August 9, 2013

Heart Shaped Flowers

I went to my grandma from my father side’s grave yard. It’s the first time I went there after the funeral last year. I wasn’t as close as I was younger when she died but remembering all those times kinda make me miss her. She’s really forgetful these pasts years but she still remembered a lot of things from her younger age(?). I made a heart shaped flowers there.
Then I started thinking if I die I want my funerals to be “so me” and my graveyard shouldn’t be like others. I want it to be vanilla scented, have pink roses, poured by pink glitters, and that stone where my name will be craved must be pink coloured one either painted or whatever but it must be pink! Then the flowers also have to made to cute shapes lol. Then my favourite songs will also be played, digimon soundtracks, hey say jump’s, arashi’s, kattun’s, momusu’s, and laruku’s. And my coffin will be white coloured and I’ll let my xoxo friends will draw everything they want there, cute or not cute whatever everything with pink coloured markers or paints or whatever as long as it is pink. But I think this will still really really a loooooooooooong time to go as I wanna live as long as possible, at least a hundred years from now, more is even better lol.

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