August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday To My Cousin!

Yesterday was actually my cousin’s birthday. I wouldn’t remember if my grandma didn’t call me the day before lol. She asked me whether I’d come to their house or not. I was kinda lazy driving to there so I told her I’d be there in the evening but it’s the night before lebaran so my grandma taught there would be traffic jam everywhere or such so she told me not to come. 
Anyway, I bought a gift for him right after my grandma called lol. I wanted to buy a toy for him because ith his 4th or 5th or 6th birthday, I don’t remember and I forgot to ask lol. However, I really didn’t know what to buy so I asked my friends for their opinions and they just said to get him a toy -_- a friend also told me to give him a whiteboard or something for drawing….. a true art student…. Then I ended up with a toy that I, myself, personally would like to have, and it’s NERF gun! lol~!
I used to have a nerf gun as well, the cheapest one lol. I bought it myself 2 or 3 years ago, and I played it with my dog lol. Unfortunately, it’s lost now -_- Then there’s also something that caught my attention, bima satria garuda action figures and masks! The action figures wasn’t that good and so expensive so I bought the mask one lol~
Well, idk if it’s happening right now but I know this because a member of JKT48 acts in the series lol. And I wrapped the gift myself!
I was so lazy wrapping it so it didn’t end up beautiful -_- The wrapping paper was cute though lol~

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