August 10, 2013

Grocery Store

I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy dog food, but I ended up buying “a few” other things -_- I’ve been buying quite a lot random stuffs lately. Not so random and some are actually quite useful….
I bought this milk cleanser and toner from pond’s. I only used cleanser when I had full make up on like for wedding or such occasion. Usually I only rinsed my make up when I wash my face, which I learned from my mom… But I think I’ll be using cleanser and toner from now on a I read from a web that it also has another uses for this and that which I don’t remember but it’s good for the skin… lol~ I also bought this vaseline serum… well I’m just curious for this one lol. There’s actually 2 types of serum for the healthy white series. This one and that other one which contains more SPF and I have the body lotion for it and I don’t like the smell and I think the serum will smell like that as well so I bought this one which has the anti aging formula. Well I’m still 19 but I’ve read on a website that it’s never too early to use any anti aging product. I didn’t take care of my skin much so perhaps it ages more than it should be lol.
This one is the body lotion that I don’t like the smell, I bought this months ago. There’s also another vaseline body lotion on the back that I’ve been using these days, the healthy white uv lightning one… I also have the vaseline cocoa glow or something but I rarely use it now and I don’t know why lol.
I also bought these food yesterday. I’ve been wanting to eat instant noodles for a few days and yet unfortunately my stove is broken so I can’t cook anything right now -_- I also bought the belibis chili which I haven’t had for quite some time and I miss it truly much lol~
There’s a few other things that I bought yesterday but I haven’t taken their pictures yet…

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