August 26, 2013


So last Saturday when I hung out with my friends, there’s something that made me to say to one of them to not be selfish. Meanwhile, I’m like the most selfish of all of us -_- and I was quite shock myself to say it. I guess it’s one of the lessons I’ve got from joining a student org. Honestly I don’t really like some things of myself, physically, emotionally, mentally. Not all of the time though.
- I’m selfish and I wish I can change this somehow someday
- I often talk before thinking much
- I’m so into idols and I think my friends have got annoyed by this
- I’m a perfectionist
- My head is big
- Therefore, my nose is big as well and I really hate it
- And my nose is very oily, a lot of blackheads and white heads, and super large pores. Seriously how the fuck to reduce these -_-
- My teeth are yellow. I wish I have white teeth.
- The shape of my left eye is different from the right one. How could this happen……
- My forehead is super big super wide -_- so glad I have bangs to hide it
- My eyelashes are….so thin(?) I wonder why the boys have thicker eyelashes than mine….
- My cheeks are a little too chubby, thanks to my hair they’re not really shown.
- My hair is so damaged, there’s lots of branches, and this one’s completely my fault because I’m dying it a lot of times.
- My hands are bigger than other girls.
- There’s something on the upper side of my left arm like a pimple but it’s not. It’s been there forever. My mom said it’s because of the vaccination injection I had when I was a kid.
- I have a big scar on my left hand, so visible ;_;
- My feet are a little bigger than other girls as well, not so big though, but they’re big for girls size, and I wonder why the toes are so long….
- I’m tall, I love it actually. But this sometimes is a disadvantage as well. I feel like a giant among my friends who are short, and Asian boys are surely short. Grow up you lads!
- I have a super large pot belly. It’s seriously big, and other people just don’t believe it because they haven’t seen it. Luckily I can cover this with my clothes, but still……I wanna have flat belly and wear those adorable clothes which you can only wear if you have flat belly.
- I have hair on my knees. What the fuck? They aren’t noticeable actually, but aren’t they supposed to be hairless area? I only have very little hair on my arms and legs and not noticeable at all so it’s like I don’t have them on my arms and legs. So glad. But…knees…? Really?
- There’s a scar on my left calf, there are also two moles near it. And they somehow look like forming a triangle -_-
- I have a very bad posture. I’m always trying to straighten my body  though, whenever I remember.
However, I’m still glad and grateful that I’m not disabled. Thanks God. 

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