August 26, 2013


I can’t sleep and it’s morning already. My alarm is set to ring one more hour. Hmm….what should I do…? I think I wanna do a vlog challenge since I’ve never done it before. But I’m so messy right now so I think I’ll do it later at night.
Last Saturday, before I went back home, I decided to go to LW first to buy my cold medicine. Then I ended up buying a few other things as usual. But the only thing I wanna show it off right now isssss thisssss
It’s a pet blanket! It’s for my dog of course… I’d thought to buy him one since I saw it quite a while ago in the mall near my home. Then I saw this purple coloured one which I hadn’t seen before so I just bought it lol. It’s so soft so fluffy I even love it lol. When my dog doesn’t use it, I use it LOL

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