August 31, 2013

A Letter to Ted

Day 6- Write a letter to Ted
Dear Ted,
Why were you so into “the one”? Is your goal of life only to find the one? I’m glad though you finally met the mother. I wonder how she’d react when you tell her the story of you finding the one for years. BTW, Ted, should I start looking for “the one” for me? 

Not So a Memorable Day

I didn’t do much yesterday. I went to the campus for the practice as usual. It’s only one week left before the event!! I can’t wait for it to be over so I can have my holiday at last -_- I’m actually the person in charge for the play like the props, the actors and actresses, the costumes, and such, but I guess I’m the one who hates this play and practice the most and I think I haven’t done much as the PIC. Soooooo well it’s kinda your fault taking over almost my entire holiday -_- I even have never ever hung out with them after the practice. I’d much rather spend my time at home with my dog or hang out with my friends or just going to the mall alone.
I finally did the vlog challenge! It turned out pretty bad though since the way I spoke was not understandable lol. A few grammar mistakes, lots of pronunciation mistakes I guess. I’ve recorded for the second day as well, I guess I’ll post it later.
I sent something to my friend 3 days ago and my friend finally got it yesterday. Yay! I was kinda disappointed with the reaction at first because I hope of moreeeeee reaction but my friend isn’t that kind of person so whatevs. I’m happy though if my gift was received happily.

August 30, 2013

Favorite Robin Sparkles song

I completely forgot about the challenge LOL
Day 5- Favorite Robin Sparkles song


Top: Moonriver
Skirt: Surfer Girl

August 29, 2013

The Bruise

I couldn’t do hooping today because of the serious bruise I got from brutally hooping yesterday lol
It’s super scary and it hurts so bad -_-
BTW, today’s M’s birthday! Happy Birthday!
I kinda have headache right now so……I’ll finish this post.

~Hula Hoop~

I bought a hula hoop yesterday!
So I was talking with one of my colleagues during the practice today and I showed him the fats between my waist and butt which is completely annoying whenever I see it and it’s kinda visible on one of the costume I use for the play. Then he suggested to do hula hoop so I bought one lol.
I was somehow embarrassed while bringing this thing home from the mall because it’s so big and it’s like everyone who saw it know that I’m trying to lose some fats or wanna be slimmer -_-
The interesting thing is it’s Disney Princess edition lol
I want a pink one but sadly they only have one color which is purple -_-
I couldn’t do it at all at first. It just kept falling down and hit my toes and feet super hard -_- because they hurt so bad so I put a pillow above my feet so the hoop would fall down to that pillow instead of my feet lol. I was so shock when I saw my mom could do it without the hoop falling down at all -_- Then finally I could do it but not so much as I was toooo exhausted by spinning it for quite some time trying till I could do it. I could do 10 or 20 max then I’d get super exhausted -_- My body was totally not in workout mode -_- Well… I hadn’t done workout for quite some time lol.

August 27, 2013


I’m totally sleepy -_- Well I’m lack of sleep lately but I usually still can keep up during the day but I fell asleep way too easily while waiting for the others for the practice today. I drank that cold medicine last night yet I’m still sleepy even till now. It’s different than the sleepy feeling that I usually have. I feel like I can just fall asleep at any second right now, while my normal sleepy feeling is only that sleepy feeling yet I can’t sleep right away. I have to close my eyes for 30-60min to finally fall asleep, even though I’m sleepy. 
I even bought this long-time-no-drink Matcha Tea Latte from Chatime with pudding topping because I wanna stay late today but unfortunately I’m already sleepy right now -_-
Aaaaaaah I wonder how to be not sleepy….. I slept for about 10 hours last night but why am I so sleepy right now zzzzzzzzz

Favorite Lilipad/Marshmallow moment

Day 4- Favorite Lilipad/Marshmallow moment
When they were hiding in the bathroom talking about they'd done like most of their first blah blah blah while Ted and Victoria were on the living room being lovey dovey in super slow mode. So funny LOL.

More Baby Lips

So I bought another 2 lip balm from baby lips series today. It’s Antioxidant Berry and Energizing Orange. 
These contain SPF20 which is higher than the color one, but the taste isn’t as strong as the color one. I’m not really a fan of berry so I like the orange more. So I have 3 baby lips now!

August 26, 2013


I’m so sleepy right now because of the cold medicine I drank a while ago. I wanted to do vlogging today but I’m just way too sleepy zzzzzzzzz
Anyway I finally bought my first baby lips - the lip balm series from maybelline
It’s cute, huh?? The only thing I don’t like about it is the taste of the spf is too strong for me -_-


I can’t sleep and it’s morning already. My alarm is set to ring one more hour. Hmm….what should I do…? I think I wanna do a vlog challenge since I’ve never done it before. But I’m so messy right now so I think I’ll do it later at night.
Last Saturday, before I went back home, I decided to go to LW first to buy my cold medicine. Then I ended up buying a few other things as usual. But the only thing I wanna show it off right now isssss thisssss
It’s a pet blanket! It’s for my dog of course… I’d thought to buy him one since I saw it quite a while ago in the mall near my home. Then I saw this purple coloured one which I hadn’t seen before so I just bought it lol. It’s so soft so fluffy I even love it lol. When my dog doesn’t use it, I use it LOL


So last Saturday when I hung out with my friends, there’s something that made me to say to one of them to not be selfish. Meanwhile, I’m like the most selfish of all of us -_- and I was quite shock myself to say it. I guess it’s one of the lessons I’ve got from joining a student org. Honestly I don’t really like some things of myself, physically, emotionally, mentally. Not all of the time though.
- I’m selfish and I wish I can change this somehow someday
- I often talk before thinking much
- I’m so into idols and I think my friends have got annoyed by this
- I’m a perfectionist
- My head is big
- Therefore, my nose is big as well and I really hate it
- And my nose is very oily, a lot of blackheads and white heads, and super large pores. Seriously how the fuck to reduce these -_-
- My teeth are yellow. I wish I have white teeth.
- The shape of my left eye is different from the right one. How could this happen……
- My forehead is super big super wide -_- so glad I have bangs to hide it
- My eyelashes are….so thin(?) I wonder why the boys have thicker eyelashes than mine….
- My cheeks are a little too chubby, thanks to my hair they’re not really shown.
- My hair is so damaged, there’s lots of branches, and this one’s completely my fault because I’m dying it a lot of times.
- My hands are bigger than other girls.
- There’s something on the upper side of my left arm like a pimple but it’s not. It’s been there forever. My mom said it’s because of the vaccination injection I had when I was a kid.
- I have a big scar on my left hand, so visible ;_;
- My feet are a little bigger than other girls as well, not so big though, but they’re big for girls size, and I wonder why the toes are so long….
- I’m tall, I love it actually. But this sometimes is a disadvantage as well. I feel like a giant among my friends who are short, and Asian boys are surely short. Grow up you lads!
- I have a super large pot belly. It’s seriously big, and other people just don’t believe it because they haven’t seen it. Luckily I can cover this with my clothes, but still……I wanna have flat belly and wear those adorable clothes which you can only wear if you have flat belly.
- I have hair on my knees. What the fuck? They aren’t noticeable actually, but aren’t they supposed to be hairless area? I only have very little hair on my arms and legs and not noticeable at all so it’s like I don’t have them on my arms and legs. So glad. But…knees…? Really?
- There’s a scar on my left calf, there are also two moles near it. And they somehow look like forming a triangle -_-
- I have a very bad posture. I’m always trying to straighten my body  though, whenever I remember.
However, I’m still glad and grateful that I’m not disabled. Thanks God. 

Wish Me Luck

So I just found out that there’s this J-Pop Culture program from Japan Embassy, it’s like an exchange program. The requirements were actually not hard to meet, but the deadline was yesterday and I just knew about it when I visited the embassy’s web when I was looking for events in Jakarta yesterday night. The J-Pop Culture program is divided to three categories, Anime, Fashion, and Entertainment. I wasn’t interested for anime, then I read the fashion one. As I’m kinda into fashion right now, not so much though, but I was interested on it. Especially knowing I’ll be able to visit Harajuku and obviously Takeshita Dori~ But then I read the entertainment section. It said there we’ll visit the entertainment agency there like Avex, Johnny’s, AKB48, and such, and I was completely amazed. Wow. Wooooowww. Really???? I was so completely interested to apply especially knowing we’ll be able to visit those companies. It’s like, we’ll be able to know their works or something perhaps. The behind the production or something idk. But I’m really interested, because it’s organization and work thingy, which I actually like, though I hate my current job. Knowing what the professionals do is just what I’m always interested in lol. Especially I’ll also get the chance to visit Johnny’s Jimusho. Really??? Hontou ni?????? Isn’t it like a super secret area or something?? well idk lol. I thought the form was to be filled on soft copy but it needed signature so I printed it. While waiting for the printing, I did the 2 minutes video about my huge passion about the Japanese entertainment. I retook quite a lot of times. Then I thought there wouldn’t be enough time so I just chose the one that I did not so successfully because I was only like fangirling in that video and upload it to youtube. Then I re-wrote all of the answers, and the super long one about why I’m interested in J-Pop culture although there’s only a little space for it but I wrote it on extra paper and it turned out to be one and a half A4 paper long. Then I scanned it. Then I sent the forms, video, and my scanned student ID card. However the clock has stroke midnight and it’s 26 already but it just 20 something minutes away so I just sent it so I hope they’ll still accept and consider it. I just realized that I forgot to put the picture not so long ago. So I re-sent it this super early morning which is right now. I really hope they’ll forgive me and consider my application -_- Then I about the program on google a while ago and there’s quite lots of videos came out, but I think the previous program were more about the Japanese culture and heritage and such. There were also videos for the program as well from other people an I watched them and I think mine is totally different with theirs. What I wanted to present on my video is my huge passion on the entertainment because it’s what they asked, and I didn’t wanna just say something like bullshits or such that’s a total crap but I wanna show them of how I’m totally into the japanese entertainment. Well… something like that, I don’t know how to explain this -_- and most of them spoke English or Japanese on their videos, meanwhile….I…..spoke in Bahasa……..I don’t know what language to speak so I just spoke in Bahasa because the article on the embassy is in Bahasa -_- Although the form was in English so I automatically answered the questions in English lol. Haaaaa but seeing the other videos really makes me go down because they’re totally good and like really prepare for it. Meanwhile I was on my pj with super messy background -_- I feel like I’ll fail this one though I really wanna win it because it’s like a mega chance of my life to go to Japan…..with extra knowing so much more about the entertainment. Then meeting other people from other countries and finally able to use my speaking skill which has been worsen every day -_- I’m so not confident to win this sobsobsob but I really wanna win it sobsobsobsobsob. 
And yesterday night, I posted about my super galau life in private and I don’t even wanna read it myself because it’s so sad I was even writing it in tears omg why am I so sad and so pathetic -_-

Favorite main character

Day 3 - Favorite main character
Robin! She seems strong….physically. 

Thanks T!

Before T went back to Indonesia. I asked her to buy me s’mores pop tarts there, aaaaand she did! yaaaayyy thank you T~
I just can’t stop eating them XD
and I also got earrings yayyyyy~ but why elephants……even though it’s cute…… elephants are…kinda funny…you know…that way….. but the flamingo ones are cute though~

August 25, 2013

Kita kan ga deket

Is a statement that I said during high school which I’ve forgot yet still remembered by C. This perhaps was the theme of yesterday because it was said quite a lot, as excuses for this and that. Like when P suddenly commented on C’s status on path, when T didn’t have any souvenirs for M which fortunately she didn’t come yesterday. Yeaaaaah FTW for “we’re not close” for excuses LOL
More pics from yesterday~
Me and my high school mom LOL. I didn’t wanna took these pics at first but then blah blah blah I forget and I just cling to her lol.
I wonder what they were doing at the back……
Family pic time I just couldn’t hold my laugh lol

Marriette’s House

I had a very important “meeting” yesterday so there’s no way I wouldn’t ditch yesterday’s practice. One of my friends “A” will be studying in Italy this year and she’ll be going soon so we hung out yesterday. There’s also one of my friends “T” who just came home from the US. I just knew that they’re also planning to go to T’s house since she’s in Indo right now on monday but I surely won’t be able to join them as I can’t ditch the practice anymore and also we suddenly plan to hang out again on wednesday but I’m kinda sure this plan will be canceled as the one who asked this, “A”, just said earlier before that she also has a plan on wednesday -_-
I hadn’t hung out for quite a while because I’m shitty busy in these past months. We decided to meet at 3pm at Marriette’s House, a not-so-big-but-cute restaurant in Alsut. I was late as I go at almost 2:30pm. It usually only takes 15-30 minutes to go to alsut, but the traffic was crowded so I arrived there at almost 3:40pm. I arrived first though. Then R came a little later. So we ordered drinks first while waiting for the others. I ordered a cup of hot hazelnut flavoured chocolate.
Then A arrived. Then C arrived. Then we ordered two poutine alfreddo for the 4 of us.
Hmm… what were we talking about there….? Mostly about uni stuffs and since A’ll be going soon we asked quite a lot of questions to her about this and that which I don’t really remember. Umm…. like where she’ll be staying and such. Then T finally came. She brought us souvenirs from US. We asked her a lot of questions to her about her life there. Then she told us quite interesting story. She was asked what language does she speak in indonesia, do we have computers and e-mail here, and such. Is indonesia really that……low-tech? unpopular? bad country? lol. We also asked about her older sister who’s studied there as well but she’s already working now. I envy her. I think it’s really good to be a smart genius student and you can finish school ASAP. I think I didn’t talk much yesterday. They asked what’s going on with my uni life but I just didn’t wanna talk about it because I really hate it right now as I can’t enjoy my summer holiday at all unless I ditch the practice. They did ask what I do to go to the campus almost everyday, what I’m practicing, but I was too lazy to explain it all to them so I just said something like for the freshmen welcoming event or something. And they changed the topic back to A or T. 
Then when I went to the restroom with C……..there’s only one restroom so I went there first. Then I saw there’s like little parts on the lower part of the door showing clearly outside the restroom. I thought I couldn’t see anything at all from the outer restroom through it so I tried to see when C’s inside the restroom, and I could see her LOL.
I was laughing quite hard and she was annoyed by myself being there to see her in the restroom but I just couldn’t help it since I miss having fun with my friends. I wish I could meet them more during this holiday, but…. work sucks. Then later T wanted to go to the restroom as well so C and I accompanied her and we did the same thing I did before to C LOL
Then we took a few pictures before we went home.

August 24, 2013


Top: Zara
Shorts: a store in Platinum, Bangkok

Favorite episode

It’s been quite a while since the last time I did challenge. I think I didn’t finish the last one which I forget what challenge was it lol.
30 Day How I Met Your Mother Challenge
Day 1- Favorite episode
Say Cheese
I also love my birthday! lol

Like Owner Like Pet

It seems my dog hates my laptop lol. Once I started typing for this post he just go back under the couch because he knows I won’t be patting him -_- Since the previous post, I’ve been reading for more than 3 hours straight then watch an episode of shokura and patting my dog then play with him. He’s back to as he used to for a while, then later on he went back under the couch and start acting “cold” again -_- My dog is somehow a lot like me! and I just realized it lol. I like to act that way too but at the campus. I can act to be a cheerful-bubbly-talkalot girl and then I also can be the cold-silent-loner-havemyownworld girl lol. Wow like owner like pet lol. But he’s never seen me like that sooooo I wonder where he learns to be like that. After having some quality time together with my dog, he doesn’t lay too far under the couch so my hand still could reach him… Hopefully we’ll get along again soon! I kinda miss how he just lay beside me to sleep and ask for attention when I’m busy with my laptop lol. 

August 23, 2013

My Lovely Dog

My relationship with my dog isn’t really good right now. It seems he doesn’t trust me anymore. When I held him high like a baby, he was so anxious and wanted to bite me to release him. He didn’t act like this months ago. He only gave me the look to put him down when I did that thing. He’s suddenly been staying under the coach most of time. He didn’t even greet me happily whenever I got home like he used to. I think he’s anxious or something or mad at me because I have to leave him for a long time in a day. Well, I have to go to the campus early in the morning and I get home in the evening. One of the reasons I like to get home early and just ditch the practice because I know I have to spend more time with my dog. And when I get home, I’m usually very tired. I don’t play with my dog as often as I used to, and when I play with him, it’s in shorter amount of time. Poor my dog ;_; I am sad because my dog doesn’t really trust me anymore, and I’m trying my best to re-bond with him.

August 22, 2013


After reading an article about insecurities or something, apparently I’m an insecure person and I don’t even know what insecure means lol. 
And yes I love reading so please just don’t fucking disturb me when I’m reading on my cell/laptop/pc/ipad/magazines/whatever can’t you just see I was reading unlike you dumbass you all seriously have to read more so you can be at least smart enough not to ask why I was so quiet and you saw me I was reading something why the fuck you I couldn’t be quiet when I read should I read all of them out loud so you guys wouldn’t be such a bothersome? Seriously… it’s normal to not speak at all while reading right? Why are you guys so fucking stupid? dumbass and I’ve told you guys before like lots of time “I’m reading something” why the fuck you still asked and why the fuck I couldn’t be quiet and have a peaceful time to read?


I’m sick and I don’t even have appetite and I don’t even wanna to eat jetz although I’ve been eating them at least 3 bags/day since last week. Perhaps I ate them too much that I’m sick now but I should be having sore throat or something but I’m having a cold instead -_- I tried my best to eat but I just didn’t wanna eat anything so I just ate snacks yet only a little and then I just went to sleep. I woke up at 8:30pm or something and I still didn’t have an appetite but I kinda wanna eat but my mouth has been feeling weird like one you got when you’re sick(?) ok my sentences is definitely so vague so not understandable -_- Then I ate chicken and corn soup so I could drink medicines and I did. I hope I’ll get better tomorrow.


Finally the internet connection isn’t slow anymore and I could watch bad boys j without buffering or waiting the videos to be loaded. I’ve watched till episode 6 and I’m getting sleepy now so I just downloaded the rest and I’ll watch it later at the campus while waiting the others who’ll definitely come late. Time to show my new laptop case off! Lol~
My stomach’s been hurting enough and I don’t know why… Like heartburn but I’ve been eating nonstop today….so I don’t think so. I also catch the flu ;___; I forgot to drink vitamin C yesterday and I’m sick now wtf. But my stomach is really killing me right now and I don’t know how to calm it down…… upset stomach? who knows…. I even still don’t know what upset stomach is up till now. 
I gave my dog a bath yesterday. Poor little dog lol. But he’s been sooo dusty since he got a new comfortable spot which is under the sofa that is quite unreachable by me perhaps he finally realized that he’s too old to get teased so he’s getting his own spot, but unfortunately the dust even irritates his skin omg -_- This isn’t his pic after the bath though… I took this pic a few days ago~

August 21, 2013


Ahhhhh my internet connection is so freaking damn slow -_- I’m finally watching Bad Boys J because I can’t hold on anymore I just wanna watch kento’s drama and itano tomomi is in there too I’m curious I wanna watch it and now I’ve only reached the second episode because of the stupid slow connection i’m sooooo saaaaadddddd ;______;

Inflat Decor

My mom came home last night from Thai and I asked her to buy me a laptop case(?) which I saw when I was there last may but I didn’t buy it. 
Idk why it’s written tote bag on the packaging lol. I didn’t buy it when I was there because I wasn’t really interested in it. Then I saw high school girls in the shop as well and one of them bought it and it made me want it too but not that much at that time. Then after I’m back in Indonesia I just want it more and more -_- BTW, I kinda like the high school uniform they have there lol. When I went to the malls during weekday in the afternoon in Bangkok, there’ll be lots of students wearing their uniforms which were basically the same with each other but they put their own style on it. Sooooo cuta/adorable/idk/they aren’t really like that here…. 
It’s sooooo cute, isn’t it???? I didn’t remember that it has polkadots on it but it’s okay it’s still kawaiiiii neeeeee  However the size is too big for my laptop which is 13”, I think it’s for 15”…. but my mom said the store employee said it’s for 11”-13” well it could be put by a 11” and 13” sized laptops but it’s too big….. My other case is also for 15” that’s why I wanted another one which is for 13” so it’s not too big when I carry it…. oh well -_- It’s ok though since it’s big and it has quite extra space so I can just put the charger and some other things inside as well… 
Even though it’s not perfect because it’s too big it’s still cute and I really love the design that it’s inflatable lol. So unique huh? I can’t wait to the day I have to bring my laptop to the campus so I can show it off to my friends LOL

August 20, 2013

Nutella Frappuccino

I finally tried the nutella frappuccino yesterday!
I showed the recipe found on the net to the barista since I wasn’t sure they know the secret recipe stuffs in Indonesia. Only 1 of them knew and he only knew the cotton candy one…. The taste wasn’t like nutella at first, it’s too coffee-y. I think they forgot to blend the whipped cream together as well so I just blended the one on the top by myself by stirring the straw and shake it like crazy lol. And voila! It came the taste of nutella lol~


I really do love the music, the lyrics, and the voice and the person who sings it lol. But I’ve been really listening to it and I’m currently in love with the music, especially the piano parts. 
I’m doing nothing again at the campus today and I’ll be going home at 12pm because I have to get something for my mom which actually is at 6pm but I’m just too lazy to be at the campus today so let’s just pretend so. 
I remember what I wanna talk about yesterday. So I was watching random videos 2 days ago on youtube and one of the videos was about two girls going to JE shop in takeshita dori and one of them was yamapi’s fan and as they were still on the street they saw a pic of yamapi in front of a shop which is posted in that particular shop and they went to fangirl mode and the officer of that shop approched them and talk to them and he explained to them that it was yamapi when he’s 18 or something and he was there during his school trip with his girlfriend and they were like wow he had a gf and the officer was like yes yes blah blah blah and I think maybe the girl who liked yamapi felt her heart was throbbed with a knife or sword or something because even though she was still kinda excited replying the officer who was talking to them but the tone or the atmosphere of her voice or something idk changed lol idk perhaps it could only be felt by a fangirl who is really into idols like me lol or perhaps it’s just me thinking like that but I was even kinda shock when the officer said that because it could seriously break a fan’s heart lol but who knows if the officer’s lying or not but I think it’s odd if the je boys aren’t dating at all especially if they’re still young although the company’s policy doesn’t allow them to date till certain age which I forget but wouldn’t it be odd if they don’t date? They’re at that phase unless they’re gay or something or simply a person who obeys all rules but as teenagers, don’t they have the tendency to break rules just like other teenagers do? But they only have to do it in much more clever way just like us when cheating on exams so we won’t get caught lol. So when I see them really into their cells all the time when they aren’t filmed or don’t realized being filmed I usually think they’re dating someone lol. Perhaps it’s just me being a smartyass.

Matte 7

I’m planning to go to the campus 1 hour later than usual today and yet I woke up earlier than usual so I have quite free time before I do my morning rush routine lol. I’m reading lots of things which actually is something I do before I sleep and since I was reading only a little last night so I’m making up for last night lol.
And I bought another lipstick yesterday! LOL This one’s out of stock the last time I was looking for it but I finally found it yesterday. 
I’ve tried it quite some time ago then yesterday when I tried this again at home I think it’s somehow too pale…….I’m worried I’ll look like a sick person wearing this -_- But perhaps it’s good whenever I wanna pull the act of a sick person lol

8 hours

I fell asleep at around 9:30pm which is amazing for me, but it’s because I didn’t sleep enough the night before so I was sleepy for a whole day and I finally gave up at that time. Since I went to sleep very early, I woke up very early as well. I awoke at around 5:30am or something and I can’t sleep again since then. Well it’s only almost an hour since I woke up and I’m hungry so I’m having an unhealthy breakfast which is jet z lol. I went to the grocery store to buy bananas yesterday apparently they were out of stock so I ended up buying more jet z -_- and I also bought nutella!

August 19, 2013

Jet Z

It’s 3am in the morning!!! And I have to go to the campus today ughhhh why weekend is only 2 days ;___; 
I just finished ordering things on that online shop where I bought a few random items. I haven’t really ordered them this time, I’ve just put the to my cart. I think I’ll order them when the items I purchased earlier arrive. I put more than 30 items this time to my cart and it costs around 500 bucks which is actually cheap but still I don’t think I have enough money to buy them all at once…. I don’t know…. But I want them all….. I hope some of them will be sold out buy the time I’m about to buy them so I don’t have to buy them lol~ And I have to save hundreds of bucks as well to dye my hair next month…..
Anyway, I bought another JetZ. 12 of them…. HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SO FAT

August 18, 2013

Online Shopping

I did online shopping yesterday. It’s the first time I shopped in that store so I hope it’ll turn fine~ I just paid for the items a while ago. Hmm…. I bought quite a lot and I don’t really remember what I’ve ordered lol. Bracelets, a watch, a temporary tattoo, rings….. so random LOL.
Finally the downloads have finished so I’m gonna watch JW now~


I think there’s a lot of gases inside my body….. because I’ve been…..and…….since yesterday like every 10min or so…… -_- my stomach is even growling like most of the time…
I woke up in a very tired body today I guess I didn’t move so much when I was sleeping, or I moved too much…. I woke up late as usual, well it’s sunday! Sadly tomorrow is monday which means get back to work ;___; I hate my job….. I finally woke up because I was hungry so I ordered mcd again HAHAHAHAHA I actually wanted fillet o fish but they said it’s sold out and I was shock so I ordered big mac instead…. I’m still shock… It’s been my favourite mcd’s burger ever since….


I had mcd’s for late lunch and dinner yesterday. The usual mcchicken for late lunch…
And BigMac for dinner
Well…. I hate to admit it but I love these and they’re delicious and I’m so getting fat because of them….

August 17, 2013

Salmon Belly

As I mentioned a few days ago, I went to sushi tei. When I went to sushi tei before the last time, I wanted to order salmon belly but it was out of stock. A few days ago, I finally had it! lol~
After this was served to my table, I sent the picture of it immediately to T LOL. However, it’s not as delicious as I thought……
I also had these~
I also had the sushi that I always eat whenever I go to sushi tei so I didn’t take the picture of it.
The good news was my favourite dessert from sushi tei which is matcha monaka is finally back after being fone for a few years! I ordered it but sadly it was out of stock -_- So I ordered matcha tsubuan instead, but it was out of stock as well -____- So I bought a cup of ice cream from cold stone…..
It’s green tea ice cream with graham pie crust. Soooo yummyyyyy~!


I went home early again yesterday. I couldn’t think of any reason because I’ve done this a lot of times and I’m losing excuses… So I asked my friends for the excuses. But suddenly the seniors asked me right after they arrived at the classroom whether I was going somewhere yesterday because we were gonna re-dub since there’s some changes for the play and I just said yes blah blah blah and yay I got an excuse to go home early lol. 
I watched how I met your mother till I was sleepy then went to my bedroom and finish a manga and then I sleep. Ok so I was quite confused writing the previous sentence because there’s three verbs there, I’m completely forgetting the english I learned in school -_-
I also finally killed the cockroaches yesterday. I was too scared too afraid too digusted by them. I thought there’s only 3 of them, 2 with the same species and the other one is different species. But I couldn’t find the one that has different species and just killed the 2 others but it turned out I killed 3 of them. Then I found out there’s also a smaller version of them. And I also found out there’s still one alive but I don’t have any more bug spray so I haven’t killed it yet. OMG why the fuck is there so many roaches in my apt. It’s been almost half a year I seriously wonder where do they come from and why did they start coming it was so peaceful before they come -_- I live in the 11th floor are they really climbing up that high??? My unit isn’t even close to the trash room…. 
And finally I watched shokura on the TV again yesterday. I didn’t know they changed the day for the airing… It used to be on Sunday and I haven’t watched it for months…. Kento’s hair made him look younger though not as handsome as usual LOL and singing candy in bad boys outfit is……..errrr…….okay……….

August 16, 2013

Moan Battle

I just watched one of the funniest battle in shokura. It’s nikitsu battle but it’s more like moan battle LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kento and Hokuto really really really did it sexily HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA while the others tried as well but some just ended up funny LOL.
I actually wanted to sleep after I wrote my previous post but I watched one of the videos and I can’t stop lol. I’ll definitely be sleepy for a whole day again today hahahahahahahahahahaha the moan battle was still so funny even after rewatching it again and again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

August 15, 2013

My Day

I’m so sleepy today!!! I woke up at 6:30am but I went back to sleep till around 7am lol, as always~ The road is sooooo not crowded this week and I love it since it takes time much lesser to go to the campus and I always have time to relax in my car and listen to sexy zone and hey say jump until 9am, but I usually listen to their songs as well in the class while waiting for the others. Then I arrived back at home at around 5pm and my mom wanted to eat at sushi tei so we agreed to have dinner there. While waiting for my mom taking shower I fell asleep -_- Then she woke me up when she was ready to go meanwhile I wasn’t at all -_-
I’m kinda lack of sleep lately. Even my eyes show it. It’s super dark under my eyes -_- I actually want to sleep right now but I wanna watch shokura that I downloaded last night sooooo……. I’ve been thinking, should I get enough sleep but feel so not happy because I don’t have time to watch my idols or should I feel uber happy because I watch my idols but I don’t have enough sleep and feel sleepy all day…? Idk…
My mom is going back to bangkok tomorrow morning… I don’t even know why she went home yesterday and now she’s going back there tomorrow…. I want to ask but I don’t really wanna hear the answer if it’s about her relationship, it’s hers, her life, and I don’t wanna disturb her, unless she tells me on her own……. So I won’t ask~


One of my colleagues went to Bali for holiday and she bought pie susu (milk pie) for us as omiyage~ okay…souvenirs…
I’m just soooo into the love kenty song writer which is himself right now which makes me like to use some random japanese words -_- I even said hontou ni………………..hontou ni……….??? It’s really been quite a long time since I feel this way~~~~ which really makes me like almost happy and have a meaning to live LOL I wasn’t so into johnnys anymore till like two weeks ago for months and I was quite lost with myself…. I think there’s seriously something wrong with myself….. I even gave up on my dreams…I think I still am giving up on my dreams…. I just don’t know what are my dreams anymore….. It seems I’m not capable enough to achieve them…. and what should I do with my life now…. I don’t know….. If I’m not so into kento and sexy zone and still quite a bit to hsj right now perhaps I’ll be in bad mood for days and be bored all the time….
Anyway this post is supposed to be about the snacks I’ve eaten lately but I just wrote down about something else lol.
So, I bought these a few days ago
I think it’s the first time I saw this…. I usually buy the one looks like french fries… I think this one doesn’t taste like a fried chicken at all lol. Not like mcd’s….
I also bought a lot of jetz. I actually didn’t really like the taste at first… but as I ate it more and more then it becomes addicting LOL so I bought 5 of them… the cheese flavour isn’t like other cheese….you know….