July 10, 2013

who cares

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I went to the campus at almost 8:30am and I thought I’d be late, I was a little late, but still I was the first one to come, what the fuck. Only two people including me who got there at around 9am, the rest came starting 10am, fuck them. I wish I could do it too, but I’m just somehow feel obligated to be there on time. I do have to be there on time. We do have to be there on time. The rest just don’t really care, I guess. Then I went home at 2pm or 3pm because of my stupid heartburn attack(?). Well I didn’t have lunch, but sometimes I don’t have heartburn attack even though I eat so late. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s depend on my whole body condition as well. 
Then I went to the mall to have lunch and to buy fruits. I had late lunch at ramen hachimaki because my mom said it’s good but it isn’t good as I thought. Ikkudo rame is still the best! Then I bought fruits and yogurts. I bought papayas, bananas, apples. Oh and cucumbers too. And the yogurts. I bought a brand of yogurt that I’ve never eaten before.
Then I went home. Actually I wanted to sleep right after I got home, but it’s almost dinner time so I decided to stay awake for a little while. I ate the papayas while waiting for the dinner. It was the first time for me to peel of papayas on my own, and it didn’t turn out really great -_-
Then I ordered dinner and had dinner and watched pretty little liars and I fell asleep in the middle of the episode. I woke up when my mom get home then I continued watching the pretty little liars. 
Then I saw 2 new texts on my phone. One is a reminder for a briefing tomorrow and the other one is from my senior and she’s like you’re the pic for the drama right so you have to be like this do this do that blah blah blah. It kinda hurts me since I actually have been doing almost all of those stuffs. And that one particular that I haven’t done also not entirely my fault. And I think it’s better that way. That person who has the letter for borrowing the room lives around the campus meanwhile I’m quite far. What if I get really sick and can’t go to the campus for the rehearsal at all? I often get sick whenever I’m busy with these org things but I always forced my body to keep going, since it’s just headache though, or fever, or vomiting, but these could lead to severe sickness right? That’s why whenever I know someone can’t come because they’re sick, and not a “big" disease like super high fever, dengue fever, typhus, or such, that needs to be hospitalized, I’ll be like “helloooo what the fuck are you doing I’m also sick even worse than yours but I still come and do my job here" in my mind. I just don’t want the room can’t be used because the letter is with me and I’m super sick at my home and indeed need a bedrest and those seniors will blame me no matter what, even though it’s their fault in the first place. Who the fuck cares.

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