July 7, 2013


I haven’t done anything productive since yesterday. I watched diary of a wimpy kid dog days, how i met your mother, and Tanaka Reina’s graduation again. Then I watched Takahashi Ai’s, the ceremony part and when she and Niigaki Risa sang suki na senpai and makoto and konkon were there too and then I bursted into tears. Then I also watched Niigaki Risa’s graduation ceremony and why the 5th gen members graduations were so sad full of tears meanwhile Tanaka Reina’s wasn’t that sad though it’s sad but she managed to make jokes and laughed it off along with the other members….
I’ve been re-customizing my phone since Friday. I changed the UI to be ios 7-like and put lots of hello kitty and pink lol. There’s time when it stuck on apple logo during the rebooting but after searching in google how to fix that it finally went okay again as I haven’t backed up my phone for quite a long time. But I really love my lockscreen so I keep it the same as ever. 
Perhaps today’s the last day of my enjoyable holiday as starting tomorrow there’ll be that drama practice 6/7 till mid of August. I really wish I could have free time for 3 months long……

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