July 19, 2013

The Hate Cycle

So it really is cycling. That day 1, day 2, day 3 that I mentioned a few days ago. 
There’s a part that I really couldn’t do it right, and they told me to do over and over again till my mood turned bad, and when it did, I finally got it right. Although I’m not so sure that I can do it right again tomorrow. 
And I drove faster than usual because I was a little bit late and I thought I wouldn’t make it on time. Then when I was stuck at the traffic jam, suddenly one of the seniors texted me and say that there wouldn’t be any rehearsals but we’d dub the voices instead. Fuck. Then I started driving slowly. I still had to be there though. Then later at the noon that same person planned to buy the things for the play, and asked me to drove him and one other to the place where they wanna buy it and IT’S FAR!!! I couldn’t say no so I just kept quiet all the time and waiting and waiting till finally he canceled it because he’s too lazy to go the at that time -_- I really wasted my time, I’d rather be at home rather than “hanging out" with them. I seriously wonder, why don’t they just dub it seriously? It needs to be done this week yet we haven’t finished all of the recordings, and we still need time to edit it. Fuck. Do I really have to do all of the things to get them done? Sometimes I think nothing will be done on time if I don’t do it on my own. Seriously? 
And I presented for the club at today’s event for freshmen that shows the clubs of the uni. And it was so horribly bad and suck and I forgot a few things to be said and I wanted to say this and that and this and that but I was afraid that my partner and I would end up talking at the same time blah blah blah. Fuck.

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